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  • 40 Days – Reflections on Lent: You can have it your way – Day 2

    For the 22 years I have been in ministry I have seen the ebb and flow of church attendance and membership. Often times the Church as a whole doesn’t grow with new people who have found freedom in Jesus. It is just churches swapping people. We never really talk about it or worry about it, […]

  • More Loud and Deep

    I am one of those people that loves the anticipation period of advent and all the symbolism with it even more than I like Christmas itself. Don’t get me wrong… I love waking up on christmas morning at the crack of dawn to race down the stairs and watch my kids have a blast with […]

  • Lent: Surrender Control to the Lord

    The Lenten season began last week. Lent leads up to Easter in a similar way that Advent leads to Christmas only with a different perspective. The idea around advent is an Expectation of the coming of Jesus on Christmas day. Lent however is a time of self-assessment and surrender to prepare our hearts for the death […]

  • Pure Praise PDF!

    Hey guys..I know you all saw my last post about the Pure Praise MASS devotional going on over at “the worship community” If you have not ordered your book yet you can grab the PDF E-book of it HERE Get in on this. It is going to be very cool doing a devotional with a […]