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I am Going to be doing a FREE 1day Conference at Gospel Light Community Church in CT with Adam Fagan-Kela based on the Dangerous Faith curriculum we have created.
The material we are teaching is strictly the word and testimony taking attendees on a journey to ignite revival in their hearts and make us all zealous for the heart of God.

April 20th 9am – 5pm with a lunch break
Night of worship 7-9pm with special Guests: my wife Kelly and Adam’s wife Heather –


I recently had the privilege to do some design work for my friends, Wisdom and Ben, at the All about Worship Podcast. They contacted me about a new retreat/conference they were putting together and I wanted to tell my readers about it.

It’s called the “All About Worship Retreat“.

“All About Worship Retreat is a place where worship leaders and pastors can come together for a time of spiritual renewal, building genuine friendships and engaging in intimate worship sessions led by notable worship leaders.

All About Worship Retreat 2010 will take place May 20 – 22 at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS.

Engage in worship, prayer, and authentic conversations in an intimate setting with fellow worship leaders and artists like Tommy Walker, Jared Anderson, Darrell Evans, Dwayne Moore, and many others.”

I am personally going to attempt to go. I think this retreat will be set up a bit more intimate than your typical conference. If you can make it I encourage you to go.


So after hearing about this uber conference for 2 years straight I have finally booked a ticket for the Re:create 2009 conference. I am extremely excited to room with a guy I have know on the net forever (never met in person) and to meet all the wonderful people I interact with daily.

On top of all of that I can’t wait to soak in all the creative goodness, worship with some amazing people and have my heart and brain challenged.

Are you going too? let me know. lets make sure we get together. I am beyond stoked.


February 21, 2008 — 2 Comments

Oh man I really want to go to this. Whiteboard looks fantastic. I really want to see Batterson. Is anybody signed up for this thing?


January 30, 2008 — 2 Comments

Randy Elrod told me to tell everybody about this and man I wish I could go…I’m gonna try next year for sure