Raising Boys by Design: a Review

Raising Boys by Design: What the Bible and Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs to Thrive 
By: by Dr. Gregory L. Jantz (Author), Michael Gurian (Author)

I got this book a LONG time ago sadly as it was given to my by the publisher to review. I bought it because I am a father of 3 boys with different ages.

I got to reading it… It was kinda slow. I lost interest and then jumped back in periodically. I didn’t finish this one because I just couldn’t. All in all the topics are good. The discussion and thoughts are good. The idea of a rite of passage towards manhood is also good. I had something similar to that growing up.

I guess there are two things lacking for me:

1. boys are like “XYZ” and need to be free to be like “XYZ”. Almost similar to a recent marriage book I read that doesn’t leave much room for people that don’t fit the mold. My boys are drastically different and are wired very differently. I agree 100% that as parents we need a plan to raise our boys to grow up to be Godly men, but one has to be careful to make a one size fits all plan out of it.

2. While it was a good book compiled of a lot of info… If you have ever read another book/books like it you most likely have heard much of this content through different sources.

All in all not a bad book, but did not keep my attention or add to my way of parenting.

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