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Paul “THE MAN” Baloche has a new album which releases April 1st. If you are in the church or in ministry at all and don’t know who Paul is I will be praying for you. The reality is if you have heard ANY song in the church, most likely he either wrote it, co-wrote it, or the author was thinking about how awesome Paul is when they wrote it. So that being said, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Paul is one of the most prolific writers/worship leaders we have out there. What sets him a part is his humility. I have had the pleasure of working with Paul at a worship conference I co-created which was amazing. I saw Paul strip away the “fame” and walk in without pride and just show people how to seek the heart of God.

This same man, with 5 bazillion twitter followers, when he saw there were bad storms in my area sent me messages to see if my family was ok and let us know he was praying for us. Now… why am I prefacing this review with all that? Is it to name drop? Not even in the least… The truth is…I want everybody who reads this to know that Paul is a man who cares about people. He loves the “C”hurch and is a man after God’s heart. It is even more amazing that on top of all that he is a brilliant writer.

I have had no qualms in the past to say that, while I am a huge Baloche fan, I am not big on most of his studio albums. [edit] LET ME CLARIFY: I love everything Paul does, but every time a friend says to me they are not a fan my reply is “you should see him LIVE”. When they do they become a fan. There always seemed to be a disconnect there. – “The same love” was the exception and it was the studio album that that blew the doors off his other ones. IT was SO GOOD, But I craved a live album…I begged Integrity via email, twitter, my reviews and in my brain to make a Live Baloche album. This isn’t meant to sound hyper-spiritual, but somehow the studio stuff seems to sterilize the worship for me. Paul is amazing live because you can hear him leading worship and not just laying down a track. In essence, LIVE puts the “groan” of the holy spirit back into the track for me.

Then the email came to check out the pre-release of the Paul Baloche LIVE album and I was ecstatic. I never blow smoke on reviews, even if I know the person because I think it is important that the church puts out quality stuff. This album is not only amazing, but it is EXACTLY the album I have been waiting for Paul to make. There are new songs, familiar songs, and retakes on hymns. It offers singable corporate worship songs that are well crafted and not drivel. More importantly it offers a worship experience for the listener. This is not just a bunch of tracks mashed together. This is an experience where the listener can feel like they were at this event and be led into worship of the King by one of the best leaders we have in the church today.

I give this a full 5/5 stars and think this a must CD/DVD for every collection, home, and personal worship.

The full Paul Baloche – LIVE CD/DVD song list follows:
1.   Our God Saves
2.   God My Rock
3.   You Lift Us Up
4.   The Same Love
5.   Jesus Be My Savior
6.   Mighty Fortress
7.   My Hope
8.   Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
9.   Today Is The Day
10. He Is Risen
11. Glorious / Holy Holy Holy

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this CD free from Integrity and Hoganson to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”



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4 responses to “Paul Baloche: LIVE review”

  1. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Good words, Joel. I have only ONE issue: I thought the only “studio” record Paul’s done in the past 15 years or so WAS “The Same Love” (I’m not counting the Christmas project – it’s more a compilation) and “A Greater Song”? Weren’t “Glorious”, “Offering”, & “Our God Saves” all live records? I could be wrong, but they FELT live to me, so I always assumed they were recorded that way. Glad you guys are safe, btw – I’ve been in a bubble the past week & didn’t realize you were being hit with storms! Blessings!

  2. Joel Klampert Avatar

    Yeah I’m not sure I guess either. Offering and our god saves are both listed as studio and while “glorious” had a bit of the handclapping it always felt studio to me. I guess for me the breakdown always came when friends said to me “I’m not into baloche albums” and then they saw him in person and everything changed. So for me this album truly captures the disconnect of album Paul and in person Paul. And I love it!

  3. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    I love it too, but I’ve really liked most everything he’s done over the past few years. Still not sure if this surpasses “Glorious” in my book, but that’s a foundational CD for me – I discovered that one around the same time I read Paul’s book “God Songs” and it marks a significant shift in my songwriting goals and style. But this new one is FANTASTIC, too!

  4. Toni Avatar

    ” I love everything Paul does, but every time a friend says to me they are not a fan my reply is “you should see him LIVE”. When they do they become a fan.”

    Interesting, and thank you for this.

    I’ve sung & used Paul’s songs over the years, yet having tried to ‘discover’ him a bit more recently, both Glorious and the Same Song… sorry, Love 😉 really turned me away. I tussle with the idea that he’s a great guy & great worship leader, yet really don’t like the recordings he’s produced. Maybe that’s the answer? I know for myself that when I record it takes away all the spontaneity & fun.

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