My top Two ways to do Christianity wrong

Today, as I sat in the waiting room at the doctors office, I began to think thru some thoughts on Christianity. I have seen churches remove crosses because they wanted to make sure people feel comfortable. Some have decided communion is no longer valid and a bit creepy because it mentions the blood and flesh of Jesus. Then there are the christians that have learned to profess something they aren’t willing to walk out. Christians that are 100% on point to biblical text, but at the expense of loving others. Too often I have seen the church stand up for truth and then use that truth as a smoke screen and justification for anger and hatred.
This got me thinking about how I can sum up where I think we are going wrong and that we are turning people away from the ONE who can save them.
So here they are…

My top Two ways to do Christianity wrong:

1. Preach a gospel that doesn’t offend the lost
– 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
“the cross offends men and women, because it is contrary to their ideas of human worth” – C.H. Spurgeon

The cross is offensive. sin is offensive. our depravity and need for God is not an easy message, but its the ONLY one

2. Walk a life that offends people and doesn’t point to God’s grace
 – John 3:17-18
“You will find all true theology summed up in these two short sentences: Salvation is all of the grace of God. Damnation is all of the will of man.” – C.H. Spurgeon

Yes… we are suppose to speak the truth, but even more importantly we are to speak life. Our role is to show people that sin, while fun, without the cross equals death. We can’t point people to Jesus if we are preaching the wrong one. Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world, nor did He come to teach us how to condemn. He came to save it and we need to show people that:

Let us be careful to not get those two ways wrong. Don’t water down the gospel and don’t let your sin and pride keep others from the free gifts of God’s salvation.



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6 responses to “My top Two ways to do Christianity wrong”

  1. Rich Kirkpatrick Avatar


    I would say that when in John 3:17, Jesus states his purpose while on earth as to “not condemn” but to save us. Often, we preach offensively, rather than allow people to struggle on their own with the cross. So, taking out the cross as a symbol is one thing. Not defining its purpose of grace with the need for grace is another. It is inoffensive to tell people God’s son was sent to not condemn them–but to give them life. It’s offensive to begin a conversation that only states the action of the cross without the passion of the cross. Human worth is of the greatest value to God. Is this what Spurgeon means? Or, is he saying it is our efforts that are of little value?

  2. Joel Klampert Avatar

    Rich: I Completely agree… much of the issue of the church is not teaching the “WHY”… that needs to change. In regards to spurgeon quote I believe what he is saying that our biggest issue of the cross is our elevated self worth. Meaning that it is pride that makes us believe we are not in need of a savior. Those who feel NO worth have to grapple with it from the other way in that it’s hard to imagine a God what would die for a piece of junk like me.

  3. Rich Kirkpatrick Avatar

    Amen! Joel, this is such a needed convo!

  4. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    What makes my heart hurt is how so-called Christians today work SO HARD at trying to sway businesses & politicians with boycotts & picketing, putting so much energy into what they/we are AGAINST, instead of pouring themselves into what they/we SHOULD be FOR. Honestly makes me want to puke.

  5. Joel Klampert Avatar

    Shannon: yeah I have been a part of the picket lines. I have seen both sides and learned that a walk of love and grace will ALWAYS trump a sign in somebodies face.

  6. Eddy Mann Avatar

    Bless your passion and voices as we’re graced with tomorrow. Stay strong and be heard my brothers. Pray on….

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