Obedience, peace and risk


The true follower of Christ will not ask, “If I embrace this truth, what will it cost me?” Rather he will say, “This is truth. God help me to walk in it, let come what may!”   A. W. Tozer

Over the last 7 years many people have asked me why I write on this blog. My answer is always the same: Many times when God did something in the bible, people set up an altar as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. They were Monuments to mark the thin places in life where heaven meets earth. That is what my blog is. It is a digital rehearsal of the faithfulness of God in my life. May this post serve as an altar and reminder of the great things God has done:

God took me on an amazing journey last year when he asked our family to leave the church we were in for 6 years to take a position as Worship Pastor at another church in the same town. I have been the worship pastor of EFC Newport for the last year and have seen God do such amazing things.

Today the church will be announcing my resignation from my position. God spoke to myself and a few friends to step out in faith in this decision. Our family will not be attending another church at this time, but instead will be stepping into the dimly lit path set before us. We are very excited about the risks we are taking in being obedient to God’s call. We have such a “wild peace” with this decision. Sometimes obedience makes no sense. Sometimes it costs greatly, but I think the risk and cost is greater when not doing what God says. Right now we are walking in that thin place and waiting on the leading of the Lord.

Kelly and I are going to really miss this church and the wonderful people in it. I have been honored to serve as one of the pastors in the church and be able to teach and lead worship. We feel privileged to have made so many friends and to be able to watch God change peoples lives. Our kids have been mentored by fantastic teachers in the children’s ministry and we are very thankful for them.

This isn’t easy on us, but God was clear. This isn’t safe, but there is peace. There is nothing more excitingly dangerous than knowing you are directly in the center of God’s will.

Our family is praying that God will unleash His anointing on EFC and that the church will always be a place where the lost can encounter the living God.






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  1. Adam Fagan-Kela Avatar

    Excited for the journey God has called you on bro! Grateful to walk along side you on it! Praise be to our King!

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