Burn Your White flag!


At our 1Prayer meetings in Newport RI we have been battling for 4 years now in prayer and worship for our community at the same time watching the Bride of Christ fragment week by week. Churches rise and fall by transferring congregations to each other. The lighthouse is not a city on the hill but instead a representation of something historical and with no lifegiving relevance. The church continues to tell the pillar of fire to follow US instead of us getting in line behind GOD. This is not isolated to our area either. Many of my friends around the country are dealing with this as well.

We need to repent of our dis-unity.
We need to repent of our isolation.
We need to seek transformation. YES!!
But it starts with the bride.

We can’t even begin to tackle apathy in the community when we are not willing to tackle apathy in the Bride.
We can’t begin to fight depression in our city when we are not praying for the JOY of the Lord to return to our Churches.

I keep hearing people say “the battle belongs to the Lord”. I know there is biblical truth to it but that line is NOT an excuse to no longer fight. It is our orders to march behind Him in battle.

One of my least favorite songs these days is “White Flag” by Christ Tomlin. While i know the lyrics are meant to portray that the battle belongs to the Lord and we need to surrender all I can hear is:
“We’re laying down our weapons now. We raise our white flags. We surrender all to you”

We do need to surrender to God and let Him use us, but guess what… He will use us as His instruments of peace. He will use us as His weapons of warfare against principalities and rulers in spiritual realms.

Let me suggest something other than living in a happy land of gumdrops where the church is no longer ruffling the feathers of satan.

Joel 3:10 says “Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.”

This is not the time to lay our weapons down. It is time to fight, but we have to make sure we are fighting the right thing. The ONLY thing that unites the bride is Jesus. We need to be fighting to spread the word to all the believers that JESUS  is ALIVE… That ASLAN is roaring in our communities calling the armies out of the caves to join together as different tribes under the banner of the ONE TRUE GOD!







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