Your daughter and the VAMPIRES that love them

It is not a secret that I have been reading about the occult and all things spiritual since I could read pretty much. I have read most of the books on “spirits”, christian and pagan and tried over the years to learn as much as I could about the topic. I have seen people possessed by demons and I have spoken to demons through a person. I have been in places that were “haunted” and know the reality of what is going on behind the spiritual curtain…

In the 90’s I got into the vampire books from Anne Rice. I read them and loved them. Somewhere within the series though it seemed to take a twist from a story to actually being evil.

My wife and I loved Buffy the Vampire slayer and Angel. It was a great show about good versus evil, but somewhere along the way, most likely for ratings sake, it began to glorify evil.

The truth is in the end we all knew this stuff was evil and we justified why it was ok to be wrapped in media with it.

Recently I was talking to a friend who loves the Paranormal Ghost shows. She told me it was “just plain fun”. My answer to her was that there is a line we Christians love to cross and if she was ever actually in a haunted house she would feel different about the show.

I have been really focused on the power of our praise and the battle that there is in the spiritual realm over our attention and ultimately our souls. I am becoming concerned because it seems to me that we used to watch and be involved with stuff fully knowing it was evil, but doing it anyway justifying along the way. Now we are involved with stuff and are so desensitized that we have forgotten that what we are involved with is just plain wrong.

I am a guy who loves fantasy and fiction probably more than most people, but we as a society have crossed a line where we glorify Satan and it is messed up.

Last week I was on a youth retreat leading worship for a few churches. I was amazed how many kids spoke more about “Twilight” than they did about anything else. There was a kid there who looked like the vampire character and because of that all the girls were all over him. They said he “sparkled”!! We all laughed and thought it was kinda funny, but then in worship I could not shake how crazy that is. Not only have we forgotten just how evil these things are but our “daughters” are fawning over dudes that look like vampires. Nothing says I love you like a sparkling bloodsucking demon guy.

You as a reader may say I’m taking this too far and it’s innocent. Again I love fantasy, but I love Good versus evil and GOD coming out on top because it mirrors what real life is like. However society has twisted it where it is evil versus evil and we end up rooting for one of the evil sides and then are convinced they are good.

This youth retreats conversations, while innocent, kind of woke me up to the realization that the church is not aware that we fight against principalities and rulers in the spiritual realm. The Key part of that phrase is that there is a “SPIRITUAL REALM” and while we can’t see it angels and demons battle around us daily.

Just because you have not smoked crack does not mean you don’t know what it can do to you. I will say the same thing that just because you have not encountered a demon doesn’t mean you should play around with things that are overtly glorifying Evil.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

I admonish you Christians to tune into the Holy Spirit and discern right from wrong, what is or is not beneficial, and what glorifies God or Satan. In the end we have already won the battle, but daily we still fight.





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  1. Heather K Avatar
    Heather K

    This is a reminder to each and every one of us as parents, and as followers of Christ, that we need to remain vigilant. A little leaven goes a long way in affecting the whole body, but too often we can neglect to recognize its presence in our lives.
    There has long been a shift in the Christian world away from the old stance of “be ready at any moment!” I think almost every one of us can admit that at some time or another we have become lazy in our walk and have been found gawking at all the pretty baubles the world dangles in front of our eyes. It’s so easy to get drawn away and find ourselves far from the cross before we notice that we ever drifted away, enticed by simple, mindless distractions.
    I am reminded of the scripture in Proverbs, “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands…”
    Matthew Henry’s Concise Expository really takes it all the way home for me: “See what a blessing the husbandman’s calling is, and what a wilderness this earth would be without it. See what great difference there is in the management even of worldly affairs. Sloth and self-indulgence are the bane of all good. When we see fields overgrown with thorns and thistles, and the fences broken down, we see an emblem of the far more deplorable state of many souls. Every vile affection grows in men’s hearts; yet they compose themselves to sleep. Let us show wisdom by doubling our diligence in every good thing.”
    God, don’t let my affections be vile. Show me the difference between partaking in what is good for me and self-indulging. Guide me as I mend the fences in my life that were set as a guard from the enemy. Give me the energy to be vigilant and the wisdom to discern good from evil.
    Great post, Joel. Time to pause, reflect and take action.

  2. Sean Lewis Avatar

    I’m totally sharing this. Almost exactly how I feel regarding this subject. Thanks Joel!

  3. Alastair Avatar

    “Nothing says I love you like a sparkling bloodsucking demon guy.”

    Ha ha. Love it.

    Hope you’re not hating on Lost Boys though…!


  4. Rich Kirkpatrick Avatar

    Good article Joel. I have seen some hairy things. And, I have been so skeptical that I have missed what is going on as well.

    We can run from it, or we can face it and use the stories to point out redemption and the battle that is around us. Like all culture, there is a fine line. Some are better to not touch it. But, if it is our language, we need to speak it and point people to what is true. That line is a tough call.


  5. Scott Keller Avatar

    Joel, I think what you wrote is pretty balanced for someone with deep convictions. Kids do get sucked into this stuff, and usually it starts out as a fairly benign situation. I’ve been around guys that were totally sucked into role playing, so much that they didn’t have a life in the real world. With girls, the draw seems to be this goth/vampire thing. Being vibrant, bright, and alive is “cool” anymore. Apparently looking un-dead is hot?

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