John Mark McMillan – Economy CD Review

John Mark Mcmillan

Some might say that this is John’s second CD and followup to the Medicine. Well technically YOU ARE WRONG because he had already released music before he go signed to Integrity. John has been in the music scene for quite a while now and has carved his way into the hearts of millions through people covering his songs. Now that those covers have paved the way for him to get in front of people as well I was worried his sound might get watered down. Worried it might get stuck in the box I like to call “that sound’ with over processed and over produced drivel that we hear so much these days.

Praise God like others at Integrity (bravo to those guys again) he is creating ART as an act of worship and not as an act of trying to sell records.

This followup to “The Medicine” is brilliant! Of course he brings us wonderful lyrical content that is poet and beautiful, but at the same time striking and arresting sometimes. Like “I believe You can overcome my economy…You can dig me out of the grave” are driven at our hearts but also bring to mind the time we are living in. He truly has worked hard at his craft at pulling on heartstring and at the same time giving us hope through songs like “murdered son”. The only song I have issues with is “who is this” which is very similar to the bridge tag in “skeleton bones” and that is because I don’t expect a guy like him to repeat a phrase.

Instrumentally it is just wonderful. Great production and creativity. There are times where it seems vocally he could have stretched more for a bit more diversity. Sometimes he gets a bit too Bruce Springsteen for me, but then I remember I don’t like springsteen’s voice and I love John’s!

I absolutely love the song “Sins are Stones” which seems like John’s attempt at a modern hymn. I hope to do this someday soon in church.

The only thing I have issues with and that I have issues with half the christian CD’s and worship our there is WAY WAY too many woah’s and Oh’s. At least he didn’t add in OO’s and AH’s.

Bottom line is this is a brilliant CD that is is not better than “The Medicine”. It is different than that album and 100% equal to it. Many times the second release determines the quality of an artist and often it falls flat. This is a MUST buy album that I promise you will love just as much as “The Medicine”.

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  1. Adam Mason Avatar

    Hey Joel, love the post.

    In your first few lines, seen should be “scene” as in “the music scene”. You can delete this if you want! Just helping out! Miss ya man!

  2. Joel Klampert Avatar

    ha ha!! thanks man… I usually write my posts Diarrhea of the fingers style 🙂 good catch … tis fixed

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