Rita Springer: the playlist Review and Formal Apology

Before I write a review on this CD I want to publicly come on record with an apology to the worship community at large and Rita Springer. Rita has been one of the great worship leaders of our time and prolific writer as well. Some reason I wrote her off years ago by just not listening to her music even though people around me raved about her. Somewhere along the way I put my head under a rock prematurely.

It is interesting because a worship leader who also plays bass with me at a multi-church prayer meeting told me a month ago that he was going to new jersey to play bass for Rita. That same week Integrity sent me her new CD to review. Was it a sign? I don’t know, but I pulled it out of drop box and ignored the possible sign.

Finally my thick head said listen to that thing and I complied with it’s command.

What i heard was the first track “Come in”. A brilliant and rich call to worship. It starts off slow and then ushers in the Holy spirit with such amazing power. You can hear here screaming out… crying out for God. I was instantly hooked and at the same time kicking myself for taking so long to become a Rita fan.

The next track “in this forever” along with a few others have sonic nuances reminiscent of Jenn Johnson and Vicky Beaching. She has such beautiful vocals that are so versatile and more accomplished than most of the worship leaders out there.

“Make You Happy” reminds me so much of Christy Nockels Watermark CD’s, but amped up. It is such a well written song.

One of my favorite tracks is “I call You”. Which is so full of lyrics that glorify God. I can see using this song right away in my services.

Just when you think you have pegged Rita’s sound you are handed “Made for this” which sounds like what if Joss Stone, Kim Walker and Mellissa Etheridge had a baby. Rita just belts out from her soul and you know in your “knower” that she believes what she is singing.

The whole CD is capped off with a brilliant song “this blood” which has a johnny cash/Hymn type of feel.

Ultimately from first listen there was not a song on this CD I did not like. It is a must buy.

There is nothing better than a “believable” worship leader. Nothing better than listening to somebody who is obviously not just going through the motions and then worshiping right along side them.

I am a fan of Rita Springer and so glad to have this CD.





2 responses to “Rita Springer: the playlist Review and Formal Apology”

  1. Rita Springer Avatar

    Gulp. Thanks for pulling your head out of the sand! This was great to wake up too!

  2. Jim Gray Avatar

    Hey Joel, great review. Us knuckle-heads have to collaborate!

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