Gungor Ghosts upon the Earth review: Are we finally returning back to artistry?

Gungor has been ingrained in my world of music since the days of his collaborations with Israel Houghton. Back then we knew he was brilliant and had crazy guitar chops, but when “Beautiful Things” came out we found out he was a kindred spirit of the creatives.

Don’t shoot me for this if you loved that CD, but I was not in love with every song. I felt like Gungor as a band was on a journey. A path of finding their place musically, artistically and spiritually.

I did however love much of it which is why I was chomping at the bit to get a hold of “Ghosts upon Earth” which released a day or so ago.

WHAT IS GOING ON!! Seriously, what is happening to Christian music? Are we finally getting that it is about creating for our king and not creating for a fictitious person listening on the radio and buying CD’s? Praise God artists are still out there and willing to be creative for Christ. I have seen too many brilliant artists start on the journey only to be squashed and then create art for many other things besides God.

This is but a piece of Gungor’s journey, but it such an amazing CD. There are so many layers of creative genius and heartfelt worship. I am a sucker for haunting melodies and this CD does not disappoint.

I hate going song by song because honestly who really reads that any way.

This is not a corporate worship CD folks. It is worship 100% through and through though. The production is just perfect. It is simple and lets the gutsiness of the music come through. It reminds me so much of what was coming out in the 90’s like michael knott, adam again, lost dogs, and at the foot of the cross from the Choir.

In Psalms we have so many nuances of worship. There is joy, sorry, battle, silence, lament and more. Why do we choose to only worship God in our happiness? I think one thing that creative albums like this do for us is show that we can worship God with “Everything” we have and are. We don’t have to fabricate a “new” us to present to God.

In conclusion Gungor is just 1 of the many new artists out right now bringing creativity and artistry back into the church where it needs to be.

Buy this beautiful CD, let it soak in and pray that it spurs you to use your soul to create like God created you to.





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