I have always wanted to be a runner

I have always wanted to be a runner. Something about running is so enticing to me, but I have never been able to do it.

I used to play basketball in Highschool and everything was sprinting. I wasn’t super fast, but I was able to do it. Later on in life I jumped into racquetball head first and got real good at it. I play competitions and sometimes 5-6 hours a week. Once again though it was all short quick bursts.

Get me on a track or a treadmill and I am only good for those short bursts. I am not a skinny guy, but what I have noticed happening is I was getting knee and shin pain well before my lungs gave out. This honestly was disturbing and discouraged me from doing cardio. The problem is I need to do cardio because I need to lose weight.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine, Russell (mudpuppy), who has been running the last few years and discovering things about himself and God. I told him I want the same thing and through our discussion I learned that the pricey sneakers I bought are compensating for the issues in my flat feet, but are aggravating the issues I have with my knees due to the way I run. This sounds very simple, but it wasn’t. It turns out my feet while running are pronating differently than most people with flat feet.

Long story short I can’t wait to buy new shoes. I have for a long time longed to be able to run. I know that it will take time before I am even able to do a mile without dying, but I am glad that for the first time ever it will be my lungs that tire before my knees.

Updates to come…..






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  1. Dan [djByron] Avatar
    Dan [djByron]

    Hey Joel.. Same here with the knees. I started running a few months ago and managed to get to where I could almost run 2 miles with just a couple fast walk “breaks”. I was stoked….. Then my knees started hurting. 6 weeks after I had started it got so bad I couldn’t even make it 1/4 before having to stop. I was bummed. For the first time ever I was doing something good for myself that I really enjoyed. Rather than throw in the towel I decided to move over to cycling and am loving that!! However, keep me posted on Twitter (djByron) if you don’t mind with regards to how the shoes work out for you. I’d love to be able to mix in some running with my cycling. I guess I never thought that shoes would make that much the difference. I have a decent pair but they’re not super expensive by any means. If shelling out some more money for certain pair of shoes is going to enable me to run more, I’ll do it!

  2. Joel Klampert Avatar

    yeah bro… it seems that typically people with flat feet over-pronate… where their foot goes in instead of out. Because of this I bought running shoes that compensate for that. The problem was I was always wearing down the outside of my shoe and my small toes hurt. What I found out was that even though I was flat footed my foot under-pronated or went out. which meant that my current shoes were actually making the problem worse by pushing my foot out more.
    look at the bottom of your running shoes and see where the wear is on the sole.

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