Google Plus (+) is not attractive to your momma

Google plus (google+) has been out for I think a week now and I have had a good time playing around with it’s features. I have a love hate relationship with it right now as I do with most social media platforms because they work great up until a point. What I mean by that is they are always missing features I would love and Google + is no exception to that.

There is no point in going through all it’s features or even lack of features. What I will say is it does a ton of stuff right that facebook does wrong and has a bunch of shortcomings that facebook doesn’t. In an ideal world the two platforms would merge with twitter and just give us one great social networking site.

Remember when myspace was huge? Then somehow there was a mass exodus to facebook. That was great, but something big happened with that move to facebook. Many people who were never on myspace, including our parents, decided to jump on the facebook bandwagon. This most mostly due to it’s great connecting power, the ability to use it for businesses, it’s amazing use within the church, and because it wasn’t full of miley cyrus glitter pictures like myspace was.

Currently facebook has everybody that myspace had and tons more that it didn’t.

Enter in Google +: In my opinion they are too late in the game. I think it is an amazing platform and will continue to use it to leverage what I do, but it is not attractive to your momma! I can’t see all of the baby boomer generation jumping of Facebook and on to Google +. I was just as amazed as you are that they are even on facebook.

Yes Google+ is pretty and the circles are cool. It integrates some very cool features and from what I understand is introducing business profiles soon as well. In the end though I still can’t see where it fits in with twitter and facebook because social media is only useful if people are using it.

What are your thoughts? obviously it’s not a facebook killer, but is there any worth to it or do we just need to be more patient?





3 responses to “Google Plus (+) is not attractive to your momma”

  1. Justin Baker Avatar

    I just got on today. Still trying to get comfortable with it. It’s certainly better than Google’s Wave. #hugefail I am very interested in seeing how Google develops this thing.

    I agree Google seems (yet again) late to the social media game. I think they need to get it out of beta/invite mode soon. In my opinion, that’s one the main things that kept Wave from gaining momentum.

  2. Joel Klampert Avatar

    Yeah I am all for beta mode but when you are this behind in the game you don’t really have time for that. Google wave was HORRIBLE and same with Buzz

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