Facebook Workout

I came across this video looking for workouts on youtube. I have no words for this… do you?





4 responses to “Facebook Workout”

  1. Sean Lewis Avatar

    How lame can one person get? This lame… obviously. haha

  2. Joel Klampert Avatar

    I just looked at his other videos… the dude has a twitter workout and a no texting while driving workout. ha ha! classic!

  3. Mel Watson Avatar
    Mel Watson

    Ummm, sorry, but I thought this was pretty stinkin’ hilarious!!! Mirror pic raise! Flex it if you’re a guy, fish lips if you’re a girl. He called it!!! Funny stuff, if you ask me!!! And could be quite effective too:)

  4. Heather Avatar

    You’re a stalker, ignore. You’re a loser, ignore.

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