klampert.com? that is soooo 2009!

For all of those who stuck by me while I was in blog limbo; Thank you! For all of those who didn’t or never knew this blog existed; I still love you.

It has indeed been a while and I have done so much since I fell off the face of the wordpress planet. So I thought I would hold an informal interview with myself so you as the reader can get a glimpse into my brain…

JK1: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today Joel. I want to start with a simple question. Where have you been?

JK2: It is an honor to be back and thanks. In Sept 2009 my beautiful daughter, Morgan Nicole, was born. It was then that blogging took a back seat to my fascination of having a little girl to take care of. I had a ton of experience with 3 boys in the house, but being handed a princess changed everything. Suddenly there was so much more pink in the house and my blog took a hit because of it. I have threatened many times to start again and my ADD side kicked in or I was suddenly hit with many things to do.

JK1: Congrats! She is so cute! I guess that brings me to: What have you been up to?

JK2: HA! Yeah she is the cutest baby I have seen. I have been up to so much in the last year and a half. I have been busy with work. I am a graphic designer by night and a stay at home dad by day. I have also been leading worship in my church and working on equipping and mentoring other leaders. God put in my lap great friends who I worked along side of to create The Forge Conference which we held last year in Ocean Grove, NJ. We are currently working on the second one for this Sept. I have also been really pushing and involved in trying to create unity between churches through worship and prayer in my area. It is a very exciting time.

JK1: That sounds amazing! It sounds like God is doing some great things in New England. Do you have any other sites you are writing for in addition to this one?

JK2: How did I know you were going to ask that. As a matter of fact I do. I have written for many sites that I adore like The Worship Community, The Joint Review, and a few others. One site I am very excited about unveils this week Where I will be co-writing with my wife about being married and having 4 kids and still being mentally sane. My wife is an amazing woman and I am very excited that she has agreed to open up this can of worms.

JK1: Well, I know you are busy and have to pick up kids from school in about 15 min so I won’t take any more of your time, but let me be the first to say: It is great to have you back and I can’t wait to read everything you will be posting.

JK2: God has been good the last 2 years and I can’t wait to tell you what he is doing. Here is a teaser… New England is poised for a revival! BRING IT!





10 responses to “klampert.com? that is soooo 2009!”

  1. Rich Kirkpatrick Avatar

    looking forward to the new blog that you and your wife will be writing together!

  2. Scott Keller Avatar


    Actually it is Facebook that is so 2009. Facebook killed blogging and actual “writing”. Facebook is actually losing users because the fad is over. Blogging is still cool, because it requires people to think a little bit more, and it isn’t so limiting. It allows a more personalized expression.

    I have been calling for the return of real blogging for some time, and am back to it. Glad to see you are, too.

  3. Mud Puppy Avatar

    Welcome back brother!

  4. Joel Klampert Avatar

    Thanks Rich and Mud… missed you guys in this platform..

    @scott – hey bro… its been forever. Yeah FB and twitter did kill real blogging and sadly only left diehards or “big time” bloggers. I agree with you. I would love to see the community side of blogging return. I personally don’t feel that FB or Twitter have filled that gap for me.

  5. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    TheWorshipCommunity.Com adores you too, haha!

  6. Alastair Avatar


  7. Bobby Gilles Avatar

    Klampert’s back! Let the good times commence.

  8. Ryan Egan Avatar

    I can so relate to this. 🙂 Welcome back!

  9. Adam Avatar

    hahaha.. dude this is classic Klampert brain chatter.

    I don’t doubt this is exactly how it went down.

  10. Don Avatar

    Blogrolled this morning @ evaneco.com. Welcome back! db

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