WIN A COPY OF: Hillsong-faith+hope+love

Hello blog land…did you see the title of this post!

Want to win the new hillsong CD that releases next week?

Of course you do because if you read the joint review then you know its great!

Yesterday I gave a copy away on twitter…Thanks to integrity we are doing it here too!

How do you win?

Comment on here with your best reason why you have to have this CD.
Normally I would do random on a drawing, but I think I’m just gonna pick the best answer this time…so..

I will let you know on monday who the winner is

please make sure you have a valid email in your profile so I can let you know if you won.





12 responses to “WIN A COPY OF: Hillsong-faith+hope+love”

  1. Ryan Rotman Avatar
    Ryan Rotman

    I’ve been blessed all ready by the videos on different people’s blogs and especially this morning with the video Yahweh from Fred McKinnon’s blog. I’ve already transcribed the song and can’t wait to use it in our services.

  2. lori Avatar

    The reason I want a copy of this CD is cuz you reviewed it and said I should get it. I’m also expecting that at some point we will be doing one or two of the songs in our services, and I will need to become familiar with them and so I can wow you with my knowledge of them. 🙂
    .-= lori´s last blog ..The Important Things in Life =-.

  3. Octo Avatar

    This would be my first christian CD.

  4. Jason Avatar

    My girls love Christian music. The only thing better than enriching your own walk with God is strengthening the growth of the faith of your kids! (Although I think Octo should win with an answer like that!)

  5. Max Avatar

    I love the sincere heartfelt lyrics of Hillsong praise & worship songs.
    .-= Max´s last blog ..A Catholic Priest Murdered in Mangalore =-.

  6. eric Avatar

    “Pain Heals… Chicks dig scars… [God’s] Glory lasts forever…” and lets face it, I could use a free CD about now.

    .-= eric´s last blog ..catalyst west forgotten – rick warren =-.

  7. Albert Avatar

    So I can tell my friends “I got the Hillsong CD for free!!!!”

  8. Maureen Mahoney Avatar
    Maureen Mahoney

    Wow…amazing that you are giving away a CD. Amazing…because I love Hillsong. Amazing…because I will share this CD with my family, my cell group, my friends. Hillsong rocks. I missed their concert in NYC this year. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Adam Avatar

    ok.. here are the reasons..
    1) Im cool
    2) Im also pretty amazing
    3) Because Im cool and amazing, by commenting on this, you become cool and amazing yourself.. good deal eh?
    4) Im also very humble
    .-= Adam´s last blog ..just OK =-.

  10. Tyler (Man of Depravity) Avatar

    because i already won.
    .-= Tyler (Man of Depravity)´s last blog ..Fortuitous Bouncing =-.

  11. Mark Warnock Avatar

    Was going to come up with something clever… but I think Octo (above) should get it….
    .-= Mark Warnock´s last blog ..My message at Super Summer =-.

  12. Tim Irvin Avatar

    Sign me up! I’ve never listened to Hillsong but they sound like a group I would enjoy hearing.
    .-= Tim Irvin´s last blog ..calvin11.jpg =-.

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