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Sojourn Music: Over the Grave

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Post on worshipcity

What I love so much about Sojourn’s CD Over the Grave is it’s personality! This was my introduction to Sojourn music (I had to ask the guys what exactly they were? Church? Band? Worship Team?) Sojourn Music is a dynamic group of musicians that make up the worship team there at their church. And a dynamic bunch they are! I believe there are 4 different lead vocals, there’s the blues, driving acoustics, raunchy electrics, beautiful piano, soulful gospel spiritual, pop and somehow they pretty much pull it off!! It’s truly impressive! AND the professionalism in the recording is spectacular as well. It doesn’t get much better than this.
It should be mentioned that this music is all inspired and taken from hymns from Isaac Watts. I don’t know a single one but they’ve done an incredible job of taking some difficult subject matter that doesn’t crop up in modern worship music so much and mash it with their worship styles and create this experience that totally works! If I’m honest…I’m typically not a fan of these projects. They come off like Blended Worship Services. Trying to please everyone while aggravating anyone! But something special happens here.

Bottom Line:
There’s a little bit of everything in here for you! You want blues? You like Mayer or Brewster? Got it! You want gospel spiritual chain gang revival? Got it! You like Tower of Power? Check! How about some throwback 70s rock? Oh yeah. What’s great is hearing some of the band’s obvious influences while at the same time not loosing their own identity! I swear I hear Silversun Pickups’ Lazy Eye in the beginning of Over Death!
Sojourn has done a fabulous job of creating seemingly simple songs but being smart about their layering and in doing so keeping it creative and interesting. I also love that despite having obvious vocal talent we aren’t bombarded with constant backing vocals! This team is obviously conscientious about crafting their music and not just bludgeoning us with everything they’ve got. THANK YOU SOJOURN!


Must have:
Opening track Warrior is just sick! HOW LONG! Ugh! Raucous and obnoxious and awesome! Over Death not only drives with the acoustic but has “monster” and “damning” in a PRAISE SONG! Come on people! Honestly only Refuge and Savior King haven’t grown on me. The first is a bit too CCM and the

In Church:
It’s a worship project! So…all!?!?! I suppose a worship leader would just need to be wise about which songs fit or don’t fit with his or her team and makeup. Chords and lyrics are available on their site. I think Reveal Your Love isn’t as congregationally friendly and I think Alas! (while I dig it!) would get stale without a team that’s able to pull it off. Let’s not forget this is a church worship team but they’ve set the bar HIGH! So dig in leaders and take some pride in what you do and get on it 🙂

Post on Live to Worship

Wow!  Hot on heels of On The Move by Aslan Worship is another amazing worship album from Sojourn Music – Over The Grave.  From the very first song (Warrior) this album oozes quality.  I love the contemporary, bluesy rock sound of the album while the lyrics remain rock solid.  While not every song could easily be played the way Sojourn perform it, there is plenty of material on here to suit everyone.

Bottom Line:
I hope we keep getting great albums like this to review on The Joint.  It’s new, fresh and totally engages you in worship.  A substantial addition to my music collection!.


Must Have Songs
Over The Grave is full of great songs, but there are a few that I just love.

Warrior (this is my favourite song on the album – what a great sound!), Living Faith, How Long, Only Your Blood (reminds me a little of a Keane song), Reveal Your Love, Over Death (slight Jars of Clay feel), Refuge, We Are Changed,.and Saviour King.  Hang on – that’s nearly every song on the album.

In Church:
Only Your Blood, Over Death, Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed, May Your Power Rest On Me, Saviour King.

Post on

Can the words fresh and Ancient really go hand in hand? Sojourn makes you think with this CD because Every song is from the Hymn writer Issac Watts yet they created one of the most refreshing CD’s I have heard to date.
I have been a fan of Sojourn since I was introduced to their Advent CD and later Before the Throne, but this one is an absolute achievement. Within seconds of pressing play on my ipod I was floored and had to even post to twitter ” HOLY COW!!” If you don’t have the same reaction then you need to check to see if you have a pulse.
This is a CD of hymns. Sojourn is very different than other artists that do “modern” hymns. They dont just make it faster and tag on a chorus. They create a whole new song and it becomes modern and rich.
This Church is Chock full of talented artists and musicians. The production was Done in-house By Neil Robins. Let me tell you I can’t remember when I have heard a better produced CD.

Bottom Line:
I could literally go on for hours about how revolutionary this CD and how rich it’s theology is. How amazing the sound is and how cool all of the vintage instrumentation mixed with modern sound is…But I won’t.
The “bottom Line” is this. This CD is the best CD of 2009 hands down. And if you could only have one CD to put on your shelf this year. You had better pick this one up!


Must Haves:
Please don’t take this as a cop out, but I think every song on this CD is a must have. My favorites are:
Warrior (OH MY!!), How Long (was waiting for guest solo from zztop), Only Your Blood, Over Death

In Church:
I’d say try them all. The vocalists are SO good on this CD that it may be a little daunting, but with some key changes I think every song on this CD has a place in church.



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  1. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    Dude, I cannot wait to get my hands on this joint. Sounds awesome!!!
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  2. Conner Byrd Avatar

    Alastair gives me hope that I can write a great review with fewer words 🙂 Good job buddy!
    I love seeing the finished project of how we all perceive music. This one was a GREAT one. Well deserving of the highest ranked review by The Joint so far!
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  3. Shauna Avatar

    Word is that Sojourn is playing at my church in August! Cannot wait, they are awesome!!!

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    lol. You can Conner, you can!

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    Watts is my favourite hymnwriter ever, so this sounds like a great project.

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  8. jeremy Avatar

    is there any way i can rig the drawing so i can win?


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    Great reviews guys!

    I got to “taste” just a little of this from their cd release video…

    Would love to get my hands on the cd!

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    FREE STUFF!! 🙂
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    Wow, that sounds like ajoint I need to hit on. I will definately be looking to get my hands on this all soon. Thanks for the review.

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    i always comment for free stuff, especially from this band.
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    I’ve got to get my hands on this cd! If the drawing is still up for grabs, I’m commenting, hoping I’ll win.

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    I cant wait for this CD to be available for mp3 download, anyone have an idea when that will be?


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    thanks for the heads up! def will check them out.

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