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Aslan: On the Move

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I’d never heard of Aslan Worship before and the more I find out about this group the more and more I love it! Apparently this is the worship group out of The Place of Refuge church and that most of the band is made of up the Student Worship team. This is just stupid sick! I mean I feel like reviewing this CD is wrong. Just go buy it! I’m so impressed and inspired that a church would put together a project like this and go out their for their community with this kind of excellence!
BUT since we’re about reviewing music here on The Joint, I’ll try 🙂
What I LOVE about this CD is it’s diversity. There seem to be 3 main leads: 2 guys and a girl who trade places leading songs and all are incredibly strong! There are guitars, pianos, strings, etc. A wonderful musical palette! There are songs on here that are heavily youth driven, more “adult church CCM” styled, some very singable tunes, as well as some songs that while are truly worshipful in nature are more fitted to listen to and soak in.

Bottom Line:
This is an incredibly motivating project for a worship team to get their hands on. It’s a wonderful worship CD for anyone! I think the male vocals are great and I love that both are strong and different but I’m wanting more of their female vocalist! Haha. There are many hints on this CD towards Hillsong United and as far as I know these are mostly originals? I recognized Only You but the rest were new to me.
Some of the songs are pretty wordy for some congregations. I like that. I think we’re coming out of the simple praise songs days and I’m glad. The musicality here is impressive as well. My biggest gripe is that it’s a studio worship project…I shudder to think of the live implications of these songs!!


Must have:
Heavenly Melody & Reign Fall are 2 of my favs and strike me as incredibly worshipful but not as singable for a congregation. All I’m Living For is great either way!

Church Songs:
I think as far as singable worship songs: All I’m Living For is a definite! We’re on Fire, You Won’t Relent, Your Love Never Fails, Here I Am, Give Me Words, and Shout Your Name for your Youth group or camp.

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“On the Move” is a twelve-track worship album by Aslan Worship that is professionally mastered and recorded by two-time Dove Award-winning producer Masaki at One Way Studio.  The Aslan Worship band serve at Place Of Refuge Church in Manteca, CA.

I first heard about this album from a friend of mine ( because one of his songs, Heavenly Melody, was being used for the project.

I was impressed by the fantastic selection of original worship and cover songs.  I’d love to know specifically which songs were authored by the band (comment below if you’re in the know!).  As well as a song from one of my favourite people, one of my current worship favourites, Your Love Never Fails from Jesus Culture is also on here.  What more could I ask for?  😉

Bottom Line:
A great, fresh worship album with uplifting songs.


Must Have Songs
Heavenly Melody – Gary, you need to write more man!
All I’m Living For – A great Hillsong-United-esque anthem.
Will You Follow – I love the guitars on this.
Shout Your Name – This song reminds me of my friend Wahba ( although I’m not sure he agrees! Ha!  It’s a great song.
Only You – Nice, gentle, nearly hymn like.
You Won’t Relent – There is just something about the melody here that draws me in.
Your Love Never Fails – This is song is easily in my top 5 favourites at the moment.

Church Songs:
All the songs on the CD could be used in one church or another.  Songs I would pick out would be Heavenly Melody, All I’m Living For, Shout Your Name, Only You, You Won’t Relent, Here I Am, Your Love Never Fails and Give Me Words.

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Aslan…my first thoughts were. “sweet..a C.S lewis cover band”. My second thought was “HUH?”. I love the name, but unless I’m mistaken there is no running Narnia theme here. Judging from the amazingly written songs on this CD though, it does seem Aslan is on the move in Place Of Refuge Church.
Here we have a CD from a church band. Let me tell you this was done professionally and with musicians that can write and play. This was not a hack job. The guitars are sweet and the singers are fantastic.
The arrangements in it are beautiful. Has a nice Jesus Culture feel and they even cover one of their songs. I also love that they interweave the digital very well with the Live stuff.
You won’t relent is another cover from Misty Edwards at IHOP and they do a great version of it.

Bottom Line:
This is a straight forward worship CD that traverses many different feels and does not get trapped into the cookie cutter sound. This is CD everybody should have and would love to have on their shelf. Honestly there isn’t much to not like on this CD. Only songs I’m not too keen on are Shout Your Name and Fears.
It’s kind of a no brainer. BUY IT!


Must Haves:
Heavenly Melody I just love, We’re on Fire Great vocals, Only You is a sweet acoustic song, Here I Am

In Church:
Any one of these songs would be perfect in Church. Some might need a little switching around to suit the band or congregation. I think the 2 covers, Heavenly Melody, Only You, and Here I Am would be perfect for getting started with.



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