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Review: Blue Tree – God of this City

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Synopsis: Ever since I heard the story behind the song God of This City, I’ve been dying to get a hold of Bluetree and I’m so glad we had the chance here on The Joint. I love that Bluetree’s been able to write and create some songs that work well for a listener and a worshiper. Right from the start of things with songs like Life’s Noise that’s crazy and wild and in your face, strip it down and it could be a worship song as well! I like hearing what’s coming across the pond. There’s a great mix of variety of songs including Brit-pop, rock, melodic contemplative, and a truly worthy revamped hymn!

Bottom Line:
I think I’d LOVE this CD if it was trimmed down by at least 2 or 3 songs and arranged in a better flow. Out of the gate, the first 4 songs hit and then there’s a lull until the end, which I almost didn’t get to. I’m glad I did because 2 of my favorites are the last 2 tracks! That being said, I really like it!


Must have:
Great is Your Name just captivates me! It’s like a real smooth Death Cab sound and I listen to it repeatedly! I think you need When I Survey because it sneaks up on you and it’s a truly worthy revamp. Life’s Noise because it’s fun and God of This City because you’ll love the musicality of it and either hate or love his vocal line over Tomlin’s 🙂

Church Songs:
Basically the Must Haves! But really, this is a dynamic CD that like I said, can be listened to or worshipped with!

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I picked up Bluetree’s album on Amazon for the bargin price of $5.  These guys used to play in a church close to where I lived in Ireland.  However, it wasn’t until Tomlin broke with ‘God Of This City’ that I actually heard of them.
I can hear lot of musical influences in here.  Slight influences from bands like Snow Patrol and even Ash are apparent, but obvious influences include Duke Special in ‘God’s Plan’ (~3:18-) and Delirious in tracks ‘Your Love’ and ‘Oh My God’.

Bottom Line:
Aside from using the word ‘Great’ a lot, I love this album.  I can’t really say otherwise as they might arrange to have my knees done if I ever return home.  It’s a great great album.  Really great, so it is.


Must Have Songs
God’s Plan, For You, God Of This City, Your Love, Standing Out and Great Is Your Name.

Church Songs:
For You, God Of This City (I much prefer this version), Your Love, Each Day and When I Survey.

Bluetree…Wow. They totally stole a song from Tomlin. Wait. What? They wrote God of This City? Here we have what happened when Chris Tomlin did “Your Grace is Enough” Matt Maher’s version is way better yet it isn’t until recent that people have even heard it. Bluetree’s version of the song is so much better. That aside this CD isn’t just a one hit wonder. It is a beautiful, rockin, out of the mold CD that interweaves in worship. This band is fantastic and they really deserve to make a mark on the industry. I honstly went into it thinking I was going to get a odd “chieftan’s” version of God of this City and intstead my ears were treated to pure goodness.

Bottom Line:
If you Love Tomlin and think God of this City should not have been messed with then not only should you skip that song but you really have issues. This band is fantastic and even though at times you find yourself dreamin’ of Alastair due to the accents You need to get this CD.


Must Haves:
When I survey is brilliant! Great is your name has a real airy feel to it similar to the Ian Mcintosh CD. God’s Plan to me is the best all around track on the CD. God of this City is awesome. I love this version so much and I can’t wait to be able to do it like that.

In Church:
Honestly most of the songs here are doable in church. At first listen a bunch of the songs in the middle of the CD seemed kinda lacking, but the worshipful aspect of them on my second listen over took that and I am finding that I am really into those songs.



Review: BlueTree – God of This City





10 responses to “The Joint: Bluetree”

  1. Alastair Avatar

    Ha! We finally agree on something. Amazing.

    Alastairs last blog post..The Bible Trumps Creativity

  2. Alastair Avatar

    BTW, When I Survey is not ‘revamped’… we’ve used that tune for years back home.

    Alastairs last blog post..The Bible Trumps Creativity

  3. Danny Avatar

    Agreed. I like this tune of When I Survey (maybe because I’ve heard the other one SO many times), but it is far from revamped. Glad to hear someone record this tune instead of the standard.

  4. Joel Klampert Avatar

    noted 🙂 wrong choice of wording…what I meant to say is love their version of WHEN I SURVEY.

    And yeah odd we agreed on one. lol

  5. Conner Byrd Avatar

    IT TOOK AN IRISH BAND FOR US ALL TO COME TOGETHER! WOOHOO!! Hahaha! Joel do you have a lil Irish in you? Apparently, there’s a Conner’s Pub (maybe O’Conner’s Pub) that’s my namesake there. My Paw Paw visited it a looong time ago and brought us back some stuff.
    Anywho, even though it lacks variety, I’m glad we all agree. I’ve never heard of a version like When I Survey, so I probably mispoke. For me though it’s an incredible tune and it’s familiar yet really fresh.
    Kudos all around!

    Conner Byrds last blog post..iPhoto photo tips and tricks made easy

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  7. Joel Klampert Avatar

    no irish here.
    and yes that is a beyond odd combination.

    However If I was irish I would surely be drinking a bloody pint right now. lol

  8. Conner Byrd Avatar

    Jewish and German…wow…and I thought Irish and Puerto Rican were an odd combination.

    Conner Byrds last blog post..The Joint review of Bluetree’s God of this City

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  10. Alastair Avatar

    Drink never solved anyone’s problems. Just ask Father Jack.

    Alastairs last blog post..The Joint: Bluetree – God Of This City

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