Prayer for a friend: Human3rror

A friend of mine on the net (twitter, IM and blogging) is going through some insanely tough times right now. Pray for him and his wife.
On top of everything he received some horrible messages from people.

Let me say something..this world is messed up. And Christians, of all people, should not be trampling on others when they are down.
John is a great guy. He does great work for the kingdom. He has a beautiful family.
And sadly they have been met with horrible tragedy this week. He needs Gods peace, grace, and our love.
So unlike some other people that have sent him messages…Don’t be an idiot. Extend the hand of Christ instead.

Please go now to human3rror and pray for their family. It all starts with this post.





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  1. MommaBlogger Avatar

    That’s so sad…. We lost our 6th and 7th children this way. Just a routine visit and then, nothing. It was devastating, and I didn’t realize until much later how much it affected my husband as well. It was not easy for either of us. I hope that he and his wife are able to recover from this for the sake of the child they already have. That is probably the hardest part…

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