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Review: Emily Schiavi – The Sky is Still the Same

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Post on worshipcity

I was really struggling to make a comparison here for Emily Schiavi. I had never heard of her before so I figured some kind of reference point might help. The closest I can come to is the laid back groove of Colbie Caillet swirled around with the beauty of Sarah McLachlan. Some of it even has a vintage Amy Grant sound to it. (I loved Amy Grant.) To some that might sound like a tremendous snooze fest, to others it’s superbly heavenly. I personally don’t like alot of piano led music but I think Emily does a good job of mixing up the instrumentation though. I’m personally pleased she let’s the electric guitarist get away with as much as he does for her style 🙂 I’d say it’d make GREAT background music while you’re tooling around the house or reading your favorite book or rocking on the back porch but then you’d miss the lyrics, and I particularly like what I’m hearing!

Bottom Line:
My real complaint is that there’s too much! I can’t make it through 14 tracks, I’d rather be left wanting more instead of not being able to finish the CD each time I sit down. The CD needs editing. I don’t think this is so much a ‘worship album’ while there are certainly tracks that can be used for worship, rather this is a great artist writing beautiful music.


Must have:
Song for Jerusalem is this 8 minute wandering trance that hypnotizes me every time! In the End and Fly are two of my other favs.

Church Songs:
I love what she’s done with Be Thou My Vision and is easily transferable. I also think It is Enough and Psalm 30 would be good worship songs.

Post on Live to Worship

Hmmmm. I’m not sure about this one.  Emily has a really lovely voice and is very passionate about worshiping God.  This is plain to see (hear).  It is just not in a style I can easily associate with.  I feel it nearly requires the wearing of a long flowing dress while I gently wave ribbons in elaborate patterns through the air.  While there is a few people who would like to see me do that, it’s not me and it’s not happening.  Ever.

I can hear similarities to IHOP worship and the Gaelic band Iona (especially at the beginning of the 7 minute Jerusalem Song).

Let me take this opportunity to mention that we are not reviewing albums on the joint based how pleasing to God they are, or how deeply spiritual the band/artist is.  How could we?  We are simply reviewing them based on personal preferences and nothing else.  Every album we review deserves a listen whether we give it the thumbs up or not.

Bottom Line:
Much like Joel with Parachute band, I’ve listened to the album quite a few times now and nothing really sticks out or remains in my memory.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely album to listen to, but it tends to blend into the background a bit for me.


Must Have Songs
“Fly” is a nice song to start the album.  The title track “The Sky Is Still The Same” is also good.  I like “Beauty in the Brokenness” just because it stands out a little from the style of the other songs.  “You Are God” is great also.

Church Songs:
I think it might be great album for playing in the background during a ministry time at church (e.g. while people being prayed for, baptized, partaking in communion, or other response).

Interesting fact of the day is I went to HS and sang with Emily. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered she had been leading worship in Israel and was putting together a CD. Of course her voice and sound has changed a ton since I knew her. Probably the best comparison here would be to Sarah McLachlan or Vanessa Carlton. A few tracks you can hear a little Sara Groves as well. It is a very smooth and polished sound. While there are some worship cuts on here this is not a worship CD, but what it is is a great mellow sounding christian sound. I have not seen her lead worship, but my guess is she leads similar to IHOP style. There is a lot of passion in the words and a real airy feeling to this CD. Even though it is a real piano driven song the guitar player in it really shines with great vintage tones.

Bottom Line:
Overall I think this is a really well put together CD. I think Emily really deserves a shot at working with a label to put a tad more punch into the sound. There were a ton of tracks on the CD. Maybe a little too many, but eachone is more than worth a listen. A few songs I am not keen on, but the ones I am far out weigh those. “Beauty in the Brokeness” is a real haunting track that is chock full of greatness. The first time I heard “Heavens Song” I was caught up in worship. The song is brilliant in it’s dynamics.
The there is “Song for Jerusalem” which to me is the pinacle of this CD. I don’t really know what it is about this song, but it glues me to my seat and makes me tune everything out. The guitar tone in it is awesome. With it’s super reberv heavy vocals and soaring tone I find myself still for 7min and 56sec.


Must Haves:
Heaven’s Song, Beauty in the Brokeness, Be Thou My Vision, Song for Jerusalem

In Church:
Be Thou My vision has a great arrangement. I could easliy use Heaven’s Song.



Review: Emily Schiavi – The Sky is Still The Same





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    Gotta win!
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    Cool. I have’nt hear of her either. Not sure her music would suit my taste. Blessings guys, and good job!

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    Sometimes I just want to listen and not have to think. Maybe this is the album for me.

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    Send a copy my way so I can give it a listen.

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