Winners announced for Jonathon Lee CD

So last week we had a contest for the joint to win 3 separate copies of the new CD from Jonathon Lee.

Thanks to RANDOM.ORG

#’s 5, 7, 3 were winners…

Mandy Thompson

Kit Palmer

Kim Bontrager

Thanks everybody for jumping in on this. There will be another giveaway this week on…



3 responses to “Winners announced for Jonathon Lee CD”

  1. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    You spelled my name wrong. It’s not THOMPSON, it’s MAHONEY. I won’t even talk about the first name.

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..Conference Summary – Iron Sharpens Iron

  2. Conner Byrd Avatar

    HAHA! Mike is a funny guy…girl…guy…

    Conner Byrds last blog post..My Trip to Rehap

  3. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    That’s awesome – and I know them all personally – it must be in the cards for me to win something now??

    Fred McKinnons last blog post..I Repent

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