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Review: Jonathon Lee – Let Them Hear

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Post on worshipcity

To the best of my knowledge this is Jonathan Lee’s first release, major or otherwise, which if so then all I have to say is: WATCH OUT. It’s a solid first impression of songs that are a good mix of reflective worship tunes with a couple all out praise songs and several in between. Lee doesn’t waste alot of time here either, even with a song title like Intro/Redeemed, he makes the most out of the 10 tracks putting it just over a 45 minute run time.

Bottom Line:
This will either sting or excite but I think this selection of songs would fit in fine with Klove’s rotation. I just immediately hear “that sound.” From Lee, I hear what sounds like inspiration from some of the best artists out there right now. A little Mercy Me synth patch here, a bit of Hillsong guitar intro there, some of Big Daddy Weave’s vocals there, and some Jeff Deyo sprinkled on top. Don’t get me wrong, none of that is inherently bad (honestly, it’s done real well!) I don’t find it having a whole lot of staying power in my iPod though.
Jeff Deyo has actually taken interest in Lee which has me really excited to see what he would do in a live environment and what will become for his follow up album!


Must Have Songs:
All I Have is the stand out for me. Beautiful King sounds like the definitive single though…or maybe Close Your Eyes!

Songs to do in Church:
Songs you could do for church? Close our eyes and press play. Just about all of these songs would fit one church or another. Some songs need a higher register or falsetto but that’s just about everyone these days. There’s something here for worship and performance/topical for just about any church environment.

Post on Live to Worship

I had not heard of Jonathan Lee before I received his album “Let Them Hear”. There is a good mixture of pop, rock and ballads and I was impressed by the number of stellar choruses throughout. I picked up a little Coldplay influence in some songs – especially at the beginning of Redeemed. Jonathan’s voice is top notch and the female vocal that accompanies him on Oh My Soul is lovely.

The album is totally worship orientated with songs about God and to God and is very easy listening. There are many songs here that could be used in church either with the congregation, or as performance/ministry songs.


Must Have Songs:
Great songs on the album for me are Beautiful King, Intro/Redeemed, Be My Everything and Glorified.

Songs For Church:
Beautiful King is great! One of my favourites on the album. Other great congregational songs are Oh My Soul, Glorified and White As The Snow. Great songs for church ministry/performance are Be My Everything and Release.

I got a pre-release of this about a month ago and was suprised to have never heard of him or heard any talk about him. Why do I say I was suprised? Simple…This is not a CD that was recorded in a dingy basement. If it was then I want to record my first CD there as well. The production on this CD is fantastic.
Jonathan is a worship leader with a great voice and some really well written songs. Reminds me a ton of the lincoln Brewster sound. The intro on this CD is awesome. His voice is hard to pin. Sometimes he has a Phil whickam feel and other times Mercy me meets newsboys. Yeah I know that doesn’t narrow it down, but what it does tell you is this is a CD you need to have.

Bottom Line:
For me it’s simple. I loved this CD. It’s not revolutionary, but it does have it’s own sound and Jonathan writes worship really well. He pulls from many influences, but does it in a way that is still all him. Glorified was great on this one….but I’m getting ahead of myself. Did I already say you should pick this up? He has a great balance of rockin and slow songs so you will enjoy the whole CD not walk away thinking all you heard was one song.


Must Have Songs:
Glorified, Oh my soul (female voice is Great!), Be My Everything

Songs For Church:
Well if you have Chris Tomlin leading in your church you are golden, but any normal person will be making some key changes on these songs. With that said I honestly would say that every song could be done in a corporate church setting. Some of them “should” be done. Me personally, I think I will be attempting Glorified, and Be My Everything..In a different key of course.



Jonathon Lee : Let Them Hear [rating:overall]


14 responses to “The Joint: Jonathan Lee w/giveaway”

  1. Jason Durham Avatar

    I love the reference to Coldplay, but I have noticed the “Clocks” feel starting to weave it’s way into quite a few worship bands, most notably The Vow. That would be a great album for you guys to review! Now, I love me some L.Brewster from a guitar perspective . . . who wouldn’t?! Is the guitar work reminiscent of that, or is it the same old Edge guitar delay style happening?

    Jason Durhams last blog post..GLIMMER PART 3 – HE LOVES ME

  2. Joel Klampert Avatar

    its not ripping with brewster guitar solos, but the production and vocals are very similar to like what brewster did with “Majestic”

    the vow…ill have to check that out…thanks for the tip 🙂

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  4. Conner Byrd Avatar

    I forgot. You 2 must be an hour ahead of me? Here I am waiting until midnight to update, I could have gone to bed 45 minutes ago 🙂

    Conner Byrds last blog post..The Joint Giveaway with Jonathan Lee

  5. MandoRon Avatar

    I’ve never heard of him. But if I had a free download… then I could say that I had!

    Great idea with the Joint guys.

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  7. Alastair Avatar

    Conner – you could have scheduled the post dude! 😉

    Alastairs last blog post..The Joint: Jonathan Lee – Let Them Hear (Giveaway!)

  8. kimbontrager Avatar

    Great idea with the multiple reviewers. I’ll be checking out Jonathan Lee. Your reviews influenced me in that direction, but ‘jonathan lee…’ is also my son’s name, so I’m compelled to give him a chance!

    kimbontragers last blog post..The Bad Apples.

  9. jeremy Avatar

    I see this guy sticking around for a while, even if it’s not ground breaking stuff, it’s well done, usable in churches, and playable on CCM radio.

    sounds good so far… enjoying the joint, keep smokin’ it sirs…

    jeremys last blog post..Mirror Mirror

  10. mandythompson Avatar

    Look at all these people who have commented already. 🙂

    Well, I’m always interested in finding new worship songs – I get tired of pulling from Passion and Hillsong all the time, even though they are tried and true.
    Glad to hear that this resource might be one of use for the local congregation as well!!

    mandythompsons last blog post..022: Hello World

  11. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    I’ve never heard of him, but this Joint deal makes me wanna check it out. Nice job, guys.

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..From the Studio – Take 6

  12. Kit Palmer Avatar

    I guess my odds are MUCH better if I comment on the right post! Definitely sounds like a CD I would like. Great job on the reviews!

    Kit Palmers last blog post..Video – Delilah – The Samson Version –

  13. Mud Puppy Avatar

    Like Mike, I’ve never heard of him before, but I’m always up for some free music!

    Mud Puppys last blog post..Unleash 09

  14. Conner Byrd Avatar

    I love reading “never heard of him before” makes me feel like we’re reviewing the right material!

    Conner Byrds last blog post..The Joint Giveaway with Jonathan Lee

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