DisJointed Review: Hillsong Kids Live Worship – Follow you

I’m starting a new feature here on the blog called “disjointed” this is for all the new reviews that I do with out my “joint” crew involved. Enjoy

Hillsong Kids: Follow You
Kids Live Worship
CD, DVD, & Digital songbook

Buy on amazon & Integrity

Integrity just released these to the US and I actually got my copy this afternoon. I was on my way to pick up my 8 year old from school when I decided to pop it in the CD player.

My 3 year old asked “is this a God song?…I love the drums on this one!” Yes he is a rocker kid. My other son jumped in the car and I had my 3 year old, 8 year old and 1 year old all headbanging to Take it All in thier car seats like a scene out of “Wayne’s World”

They loved it. I could review this till the cows come home and you honestly would not care, but they put it out for kids. My kids loved it. we don’t have a huge kids service at my church but if you did then you need to get the digital sheet music and get your kids doing these songs.

They also put out a DVD with resources, Action lessons, split tracks, concerts etc. It is a great resource for your kids at home or even at church.

This here is the clincher.

We have a rule in my house. My kids can’t watch or listen to anything that is wicked annoying. Like Barney UGH!

This CD can be listened to by a normal human being and not only will they not gag they will be head banging and worshiping with the kids in the back seat.

If you have kids then get it. If you don’t have kids then get a kid and then get the CD. Enjoy.



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5 responses to “DisJointed Review: Hillsong Kids Live Worship – Follow you”

  1. mandythompson Avatar

    Nice to hear that someone is putting out kids’ music that won’t make the parents crazy!

  2. Brad Ruggles Avatar

    My wife just ordered this DVD. Can’t wait to see what the kids think. They have loved previous Hillsong Kids DVDs they have watched in the past so I have high expectations.

    Brad Ruggless last blog post..Apple’s Revolutionary New Laptop

  3. lil Avatar

    what do u mean by ‘barney UGH’ whats wrong with barney? im sure the cd will be nice but why are u discrediting barney? my kids watch it and i dont see the harm its done to their character.

  4. Robin Avatar

    We have the Follow You DVD, and our whole family loves it. The songs are SO fun, and it’s good for my children to see other children their age worship God with their heart-and have fun with it!
    Can’t wait to get more…I think Tell the World will be our next buy.

  5. FMD Avatar

    Hey mate.

    I am pumped you like it 🙂

    Have Fun

    Funny Man Dan

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