#recreate Ian Cron Tidbits

We had Eucharist today with Ian and it was an experience none of us will ever forget. It was like family coming together in communion and it was amazing. Most of us are still shaked from today.

Ian Morgan Cron – Wed Session

Eucharist – Liturgy

Some Great mystery happens here…we dare not articulate what.

Why are the liturgical clothes important…?
Human beings love pageantry
Mark moments with special clothes

Gospel is relevant and irrelevant to a world that cares not

We have de-sacralized church





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  1. Louistag Avatar

    I grew up in liturgy, but I didn’t get it. Yesterday was a total eye opener for me. I am looking forward to talking to you about the ways that you do liturgy, and how we can introduce it at our church.

    Louistags last blog post..reCreate day 2

  2. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    One of the things I miss from growing up Catholic is the liturgy. Some days, you want to feel like something special, something *holy*, something *different* is happening. I think this is where evangelical churches miss the boat a bit.

    I have to check Ian out. I used to work two minutes from his church and never knew about it. Their still only about a half hour from my house.

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