#recreate – Ian Morgan Cron

WOW…lets this stuff soak in..

Ian Morgan Cron

All art is speaking in tongues

Francis closeness to the trinity was birthed out of prayer

He co-experienced life with God the beauty of his creation

Every human transaction is God soaked

Contemplative Spirituality came from the Desert Fathers
All they did was pray and sought to be one with God

We need to get past the congregational division and create an atmosphere of generosity

Spiritual disciplines are created to bring you into the jet stream of grace

Christianity is about learning to see what is already there

Read “seven story mountain” “conjectures of a guilty bystander”

Read Martin Lair “into the silent land”

Read Fr. John mains “word into silence”

to repent means also to go beyond the mind that you have

“Silence is God’s First language”

One of the great dangers to the post modern stuff is we have no mystic theology

We need ideas but they can’t take you into the wilderness of God

Most of us go through life taping fruit on trees

Our job as artists is to stand still and be astonished and help others see clearly what they always felt vaguely

Social action and contemplation are a disaster without each other

The church is full of action right now and missing the contemplation

with absence of contemplative life we have Mindless fundamentalists who have an addiction to certainty

Constant bombardment of sound crushes sprit of congregation and effects their communion with the spirit of God





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