Scoff if ya want….it’s legit & whats going on with Joel

a ton to read, but if you want real…and real community…this is as real as it gets…

There are a ton of naysayers about the whole blogging thing.

have you heard them before?

In the last 3 years have built real freindships online with people I have never met and I am floored by it.

Is it odd?

Of course, but often times when i’m dealing with something or God is dealing with something they are my go to people.

I could go and rattle off the people that are like that…but for the sake of not having a boring post i want to mention a few.

Our family is dealing with some interesting things lately and our church is going thru some really wild God things.

I can’t post about some if it, but other things I have shared a tad.

We are going through a money crunch right now. Probably like everybody else.

Time is always a factor. I am a stay at home dad with 3 boys, my wife works and I work doing design. Problem is my design business is pretty much depleted. There are other interesting things there too, but that is a big factor..

I am the volunteer (non paid) worship director, youth director (with partner), designer, Youth service director, go to mens meetings etc etc… Am I neglecting my family? No. I have margin there, but does that take away from making money being im home with my kids? You bet.

On top of this God is having our church move (new building) almost like a replant.

Our church has about 75 members and 65 coming on a sunday…yes thats small.

we started a youth service with 2 volunteers and running youth group with about 10 kids…with all of the above life issues and more…

and God has 40-60 kids coming to the youth service..

Are you with me? 65 people in church and 40-60 kids (ton not christian) coming to a youth church!

So I’ve been struggling with worrying about money and my family and God’s work in the church and God is just pouring out these hurting kids and those who he has entrusted to work with them have thier hands tied.

Of course there is more, but im not going to go into it…

At the worship community we started a pure praise study

Going through it and reading and interacting in the devotional is giving me clarity in my faith that God has this all in his hands..

I have had talks with my Re:create roomie Fred Mckinnon and have been able to share with him my heart and visa versa.

This is not fake friendship..this is real folks..

Alastair has noticed my disconcerting tweets and messages and has been all over tracking me down all over the web to talk and encourage.

there have been others locally who have messaged me on the blog with pray too.

Then last night after I had a RI wide meeting with youth pastors from 7 churches (YES WOW!) to pray I got home and there were messages from My longest internet brother Conner asking to talk via video. We couldn’t because my family was sleeping and I talk too loud. But we talked for over an hour via chat and prayed for eachother via…yes via chat.

And I really prayed..His family is hurting too and it was awesome just to cover each other with the blood of Jesus and connect.

Readers…I need to stress something…

God has everything in control..

But I am scared, worried, full of fear, anxiety and also full of awe of God and excitement.

If you don’t get blogging, facebook, twitter, tokbox etc etc etc…let me tell you…the body of christ is the body weather its in person or over a webcam. And my community online is so so so important to me and vital to me not wanting to quit everything daily.

If you haven’t connected for real…You need to because I have realized that there are like minded people all over the world that can speak into my life and I in thiers and my vision and ministry is different because of it.

Pray for me, my family, and my church. Pray that God touches RI with his Love and connect with me..

Come out of the lurking and talk. I need it and let me tell you…You do too!





21 responses to “Scoff if ya want….it’s legit & whats going on with Joel”

  1. Fred F. McKinnon Avatar

    Dude, nothing like raw, authenticity. Thanks. I can’t wait – only two more weeks – we’ve got a TON to catchup on. Will we sleep? (I’ve GOT to!).

    Hang in there – praying for you.

    Fred F. McKinnons last blog post..Christmas Carols – To Sing or Not to Sing

  2. Scott Gottreu Avatar

    I was reading this thinking of all the debt I have and the leads on contracts keep falling through. I’m starting another semester with the loads of reading and papers. I also have project ideas but after work and school don’t have time left.
    Just trying to say, I completely understand and I’m walking the same path. I know God is faithful but I can’t see it right now. Probably because I’m looking in the wrong direction.

  3. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    Bro… so much of this resonates with me – because so much of it echoes my story and that of our church.

    We went through some very similar times not so long ago. (OK, the money/family stuff we’re still going through…) But I can tell you that you have the right attitude about it.

    The scared, worried, anxious thing… wow, I so get that. But stepping back and letting God just DO… that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

    We SO need to get together!

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..Song of the Week – No One Like You – David Crowder* Band

  4. […] of Twitter, Facebook, Life … I was blessed by Joel’s post today.  He’s being real, authentic, and raw.  He asks for our prayers, and we should rally up and […]

  5. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Joel, I’m praying – I’ve been where you are, and in many ways I’m there now. I know the fear – it creeps in and takes over sometimes. And in the midst of it being told to “trust God” seems almost silly; and yet, like Luther & even Mahaney remind us, we need to preach the Gospel to ourselves – the whole ‘good news’, which is a whole lot more than just ‘trust Jesus & go to heaven when you die’… I need constant reminders that I am God’s chosen son – that He made me, called me, saved me, and uses me as He will. He’s got plans, even though I barely have my mind wrapped around them much of the time. I’m sure it is the same with you. Be blessed, Joel… prayin’.

  6. Billy Chia Avatar

    Crazy? Scary? Exhilarating? Yep, sounds like following God.

    Online community is legit. Seriously, several of my closest off-line friends I actually met first through blogging.

    Praying for you bro – very interested to hear the next chapter in the story.

    Billy Chias last blog post..Connecting on LinkedIn

  7. alece Avatar

    my heart is heavy for you.

    i’ll be talking to Him about you.

    aleces last blog post..finding God in sheep

  8. Alastair Vance Avatar

    Tried to catch you on last night. I will keep trying! 😉

    Alastair Vances last blog – Free Resources

  9. Robert McKinnon Avatar


    I’m Fred’s brother. I wanted you to know that I’m with you on many of these issues. I really encouraged that you have the friends on the www that care so much for you. How I crave that kind of REAL friendship. It’s funny. I have come to believe that if one dies and can say he has one TRUE friend, he has died a rich man. God has truly blessed you, brother.

    I’ll be praying for you. God has a way. He always does. I pray, even now, that He will reveal to you the way He has already made – before the very foundations of the world – for your provision. I thank you, Father, that You hold Joel in Your hand, and that Your peace will gaurd his heart AND his mind in Christ Jesus our Lord.


    Robert McKinnons last blog post..Ramblings from the air . . .

  10. Mark Jaffrey Avatar

    Looking forward to meeting you in Franklin. Sometimes life is tough. Jesus said “In this world there will be trouble, but I have overcome the world”. I think that’s a fabulous mystery, but it gives me comfort. Let’s pray for each other.


    Mark Jaffreys last blog post..To England!

  11. Jim Drake Avatar


    Can’t wait to meet you and share fellowship together in Nashville.

    Jim Drakes last blog post..There’s a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick… on TwitPic

  12. Conner Avatar

    Joel I can’t express how significant last night was man! Truly meaningful. Today at our youth pastors lunch, I started thinking, ‘GOD I WISH JOEL WAS DOWN HERE!”
    I know God’s got you there in RI for a reason. He’s got me here in LA for a reason. I thank God though that 2 guys living across the country from one another have such a think as silly as computers and the interweb 🙂 to hook up on! God bless man! Sorry, I’m going to miss re:Create.

    Conners last blog post..Experiencing the Court System

  13. Adam Avatar

    man.. I love it wen people are real..

    You have been such a huge part in this vision of Unity. Your faith my friend has not gone unseen or forgotten. I know that God has those things in store.. and that He is simply polishing you, your family, and your church to reflect His Image more and more. I hope u know, I got ur back man.. and can offer an endless supply of manhugs and prayer wen needed.. 🙂

  14. jan owen Avatar

    praying, Joel. Can’t wait to meet up face to face!

  15. lori Avatar

    Joel, you inspire me. We share a lot of the same worries and anxiety right now.

    As you know, I’m very well aware of the power of God through every means, web included. I too have developed some really deep, real, meaningful friendships via the internet.

    Know that I’m praying for you, our church, and our community. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart.

    loris last blog post..The best way to enjoy a cupcake:

  16. Wayne Thomas Avatar


    The body of Christ needs this kind of “getting real” with each other. I am ever-searching for people in the church, and out, who will be real with me, and with themselves.

    I have been where you are, and like everyone, I’m dealing with my own stressful challenges this week. But I WILL pray for you and your family tonight. In fact, I give you my word that I’ll pray as soon as I finish this reply to you.

    Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace… all of it is still relatively new to me. I’ve been messing around with them for a little over a year I think. I couldn’t agree with you more, my friend. I believe it’s a fantastic new way to connect with people we would otherwise have NO WAY to connect with! I praise God for the aquaintences I have made through these mediums so far! Just the blog carnival over at Fred’s site has been a serious blessing! Hooking up with all of those other worship leaders is amazing!

    All this to say… I’m with you, bro. I don’t know you yet, but we ARE brothers, etched in Lamb’s book of life. THAT’s real! I’m over at Hit me up anytime!

    God’s peace rest in your heart tonight, man.

    To Him Be All Glory!

    Wayne Thomas

  17. Bridget Willard Avatar

    I wholeheartedly agree that the Body of Christ is bigger than our local house of worship. The internet has cracked that wide open.

    Praise God for you. And for the songs He will write through you during this season of breaking.

    Bridget Willards last blog post..5Questions with Bill Welsh

  18. Michael Avatar

    Hey My Brother! My prayers are with you as yours are for all my situations! Remember one thing Joel. Doors might seem to be closing or closed, but windows are forever swinging open. This may give you a chance to let the “Otter” come through the window! Rember, He is King!! (you know what i mean.) Blessings to your entire family.
    Mike. <

  19. mandythompson Avatar

    This reminds me of some of the discussion we had in the live chat last week… I really enjoyed that. Really.

    So. I’m gonna remember you in that offer of CD design.

    Stay strong in all this financial crap… I don’t know what’s going on, but I know it’s drawing us all closer to God and further away from our bank accounts.

    mandythompsons last blog post..I don’t know what just happened.

  20. Joel Klampert Avatar

    yeah mandy…i was thinking the same thing about the other night

  21. Tyler (Man of Depravity) Avatar

    glad i read this man. thanks for sharing your heart. it is real.

    Tyler (Man of Depravity)s last blog post..Inauguration Thoughts

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