Top Cd’s of 2008

I made a promise recently to put up my fav. music of 2008 so here we go.

These are in random order except my top pick for the year.

Joel Auge : into the Blue
A brilliant CD with insightful lyrics and a real smooth sound. This was a refreshing sound in 08.

Ian Mcintosh: awakened

Ian comes out of Brian & Jenn Johnsons church yet sounds nothing like them. Actually he sounds like nobody I know of. Melodic, haunting and full of beauty. I love love love this CD.

Deluge: Deluge live
Jonathon Stockstill….I must admit I was never a fan of him till I got this CD. It is raw and full of energy, but it also goes right to the throne of God.

Passion: God of this city
Yes I know there were some repeat songs on this form individual CD’s, but there are also some amazing standout tracks. It’s Passion people!

Where have I been and not have heard this girl before. Its not a christian CD. It is however brilliant!

Klaus: Glory
I reviewed this CD on the worship community in 08. It gets on other sites low reviews, but I say those people are nuts. This CD is one of the best worship CD’s I have heard this past year and I can stop listening to it.

Leeland: Opposite Way
Ok..yes this CD is awesome and their best one. There is a song called “thief in the night”…it makes the whole CD worth the price of admission.

Misty Edwards: Relentless
IHOP veteran pulls out another amazing CD. It is a double with a full acoustic set as well. She is a genius with spontaneous worship and heavenly sounds.

Natasha Beddingfield: Pocket full of sunshine
I know what your thinking…Pop music? I love music folks and Natasha has a killer voice…awesome lyrics and production. I wish she was stll writing for hillsong church.

Phil Wickham: Singalong
This is Phil’s free download acoustic CD. It is flat out his best CD of all. You feel like you are at the concert when you listen to it and you find yourself sucked in and worshiping right along side him.

Gateway: Wake up
WHAT AN AWESOME CD! honestly this may be my favorite worship CD of the year. I can’t get enough of it. and Kari Jobe can sing a menu it I would love it.

Worth Dying For
This may be the surprise CD of the year. It’s fresh and original, full of raw energy and all about changing youth culture for Christ.

Jesus Culture: 2 CD’s
Mostly covers and done in such a refreshing way. Standout songs: how he loves, where you go I go, we cry out, consuming fire…etc. These Cd’s are so so good. If that doesnt convince you to buy them KIM WALKER sings on them. Love her!

And finally… top the list.

My #1 CD pick of 2008

Charlie Hall: The Bright Sadness
This CD is perfect. Every song is a masterpiece. There is personal worship, corporate worship and jsut awesome songs that point to God and justice and hope. Honestly This CD has overtaken my ipod. It’s on constant repeat. Bravo Charlie Hall!






14 responses to “Top Cd’s of 2008”

  1. Dan [djByron] Avatar

    Dude, I love The Bright Sadness! Not sure if I’d say it’s my #1 pick but DEFINITELY up there in the praise genre!

    Dan [djByron]s last blog post..WWJT [What Would Jesus Tweet?]

  2. Fred F. McKinnon Avatar

    I just heard that Nashasha had written for HIllsong? My wife asked me about it, she had heard that too, and had seen her on some TV interview, and she wasn’t acting very “christ-like” apparently.

    Fred F. McKinnons last blog post..Christmas Carols – To Sing or Not to Sing

  3. Michiel Avatar

    Hey! Great list you have there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    Fred she did write some tunes for Hillsong London – and then did a video for FHM! What?

    Nice list, Joel. I only know about half of them. But we did agree on one, and I only did a top four! You make me want to go out and get those Jesus Culture discs. But how did you NOT put Darryl Evans album in there?

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..Sunday Setlist – January 4

  5. alece Avatar

    thanks for the tips… there’s a few i made note of to check out…

    aleces last blog post..contest: make me laugh!

  6. Conner Avatar

    I’m rabidly trying to finish my list! I’m so glad I’m not alone on Phil and Charlie!!

    Natasha’s on mine too ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw her in between some slutty dancer and New Kids on the Block and she put on an AMAZING show without being degrading. It was stunning and pleased it was done without being sleezy!

    You are missing one though….Viva…la…vida…?!?!?!

    Conners last blog post..Feast your eyes on 7 hours of fun!

  7. Ian McIntosh Avatar

    Wow… I’m on the list! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. matt macdonald Avatar

    LOVE Joel Auge…he’s from my town and I’ve followed him back since the early days of Capstone (pre-2000).

    picked up ian’s cd and worth dying for based on the recommendation!

    matt macdonalds last blog post..It’s Official

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  11. Conner Avatar

    Caught up with a buddy today who I haven’t seen in a while and he said, “BTW did you pick up that Deluge CD? It’s a pretty good one from ole’ Stockstill!”
    Even funnier is that I thought of your list first!!

    Conners last blog post..David Crowder gets an African Village Tribute

  12. Tyler (Man of Depravity) Avatar

    couldn’t agree more on charlie hall. incredible album.

    Tyler (Man of Depravity)s last blog post..Subscribe to Comments

  13. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Hmm… re: Fred’s post, I’ve never read or heard anything out of Natasha that wasn’t good. Her AND her brother, Daniel (“Gotta Get Through This”) have both been playin’ Christian festivals in Europe for YEARS, too. I dig ’em.

    So, Joel – do you have anything you can suggest for corporate use off of Hall’s newest?

  14. Joel Klampert Avatar

    shannon…yeah…i need to do a full review of that CD for sure…

    lets see..i plan on donig a few of them in church actually..

    Chainbreaker – youth services

    New year is a great song, but prob play on like…new years. lol

    walk the world

    you are god


    Ill most likely try all of those this year… brilliant stuff

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