A little wack, but much to come

Yes there has been a bit of a lapse of posting in the last week. I’m glad you noticed.

Not only is there madness going on there is much madness in my head.

So needless to say I have been slammed with christmas, church and youth church. Oh and then there is the family.

Crazy, but I want to let my faithful friends and readers and innocent bystanders know some things coming up.

1. I will be posting this week some my picks for the best CD’s, books, websites, movies, and resources for 2008

2.I have some gret CD reviews coming up within the next 2 weeks on here, The worship community and on another site as well.

3. I have some very interesting announcments to make about my church this week. trust me you want to hear this

4. I have some youth services to tell all of you about.

Ah…and then comes 2009 coming on the close of my 3rd year of this blog in June and heading to a 4th year of awesomeness.

Thanks all for staying with me…wonderful journey





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