How to recover from playing in 2 different keys.

This may be the funniest worship thing I have seen in a while.







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  1. Russ Hutto Avatar


    Reminds me of the capo mess up on Holy Is The Lord, I think it is!


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  2. Victor Estrada Avatar

    thats awesome. I’ve stopped a song before like that but never had anyone come up and do that. That would be cool though

    Victor Estradas last blog post..Christmas carol songbook from

  3. Ronnie (a.k.a. MandoRon) Avatar

    I forgot to take my capo off Sunday on one song. It took me exactly one note to figure it out.

    Luckily I was just a background instrument on that one…

    I’ve brought a song in before without the capo, but luckily realized it before anyone else came in…

  4. Jeremy KIllian Avatar

    I’ve definitely done the capo thing. Was supposed to be playing in A and ended up in Ab. What can you do? Laugh or cry!

    Jeremy KIllians last blog post..“He Remains Near” Promotional Video

  5. Micah Foster Avatar

    that’s awesome…a buddy of mine has a capo mishap youtube where he it in the wrong place and they had to stop the song…awesome!

  6. Stuart Avatar

    Dude that pastor is a control freak.

  7. Conner Avatar

    That’s awesome! and hilarious! And why a good relationship between you and your pastor is needed! HA

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