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A few weeks ago I started talking to Bridget Willard about maybe collaborating on some music via the wonderful inernet. We worked on a Christmas song that is almost finished and I love it. When I asked Bridget “what’s next?” she sent me a link to some words she posted on her site.

I was instantly drawn in and reworked some of the words and wrote music to it in like 5 minutes. I realized something very quickly. Even if we never collaborate again, God definitely inspired these two songs and I am grateful to have worked on them.

The song below is called AWAKE. It is the “what’s next” song. I am playing it in the key of D, but I will do it in church in the key of E. Keep in mind I am still learning how to play it because it was literally written in minutes. So I mess up. ha ha

I can hear the full band on this one and I can’t wait to play it for real.

“we” hope you like it. and go over to Bridget’s site and give her some love.



I was created to be transformed
Created to be like You
Created to be reborn
and worship my King

I choose to yield to Your will Oh Lord
To yield to Your way
To yield to Your grace and truth
In You there is no shame

I want heart to yearn for you
Lord take my heart and renew

Awake my soul
And I will sing Your praise
And I will not be ashamed
Awake my soul
to sing Praises to your Name
Praise to the High King

Awake….Awake….Awaken my soul
Awake….Awake….Lord make me whole


4 responses to “Awake – original song”

  1. Russ Hutto Avatar

    Do it man!

    Song has great potential! Would love to hear it with some harmony and maybe a little percussion.

    Russ Huttos last blog post..Call Me Scrooge (10 Things I Don’t Enjoy About Christmas)

  2. Emery Avatar

    I dig it. Nice work.

    Emerys last blog post..Christmas Time

  3. Bridget Willard Avatar

    Yes, I’m excited to learn it, too.

    Bridget Willards last blog post..Sarcasm and the Believer

  4. Bridget Willard Avatar

    Song Number 5363177
    Authors Bridget Willard
    Joel Klampert
    Copyright 2008

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