Winner announced: is this the end?

Last night america decided on a new guy for the job as President. He isn’t exactly who I was hoping for, but even with that said I pray that he does a great job.

While I am stoked we Finally have a black president, I am not too keen on his stand on marraige and abortion. I pray For God’s hand on him and that the church doesn’t sit on it’s hands if laws and such don’t match with what God wants.

I have heard many say he is the antichrist and he is going to usher in the end times. Well I have heard that before of others. I don’t have a clue what the future holds, but I won’t hang that sign around his neck.

I have seen a ton of division in the church from this election. Pray the church learns the power of unity because our country needs God.

Read what some of my friends have to say about this historic day.






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  1. Tyler (Man of Depravity) Avatar

    thanks for the link klampert. i totally agree with your prayers for unity.

    Tyler (Man of Depravity)s last blog post..Historic Night

  2. Paul J. Avatar

    Cool. I’d be interested in your thoughts on my post-election rant as well…

    Paul J.s last blog post..A Lengthy Election Post-Mortem

  3. Mark Warnock Avatar

    Appreciate the link, Joel. I’m hearing a lot of similar things in blogs, mainly “This is not the end.”

    Mark Warnocks last blog post..I have a new president

  4. Joel Klampert Avatar

    @tyler: no prob man…great stuff

    @paul: i commented and WOW!…everybody read pauls!

    @mark: yeah I have some family members who are already talking about fleeing the country. I think we are starting to not trust in God anymore. That is scarier than what our president might or might not do.

  5. Alastair Avatar

    I think some Christians are going a bit far with the whole end of days scenario. Chill. Seriously.

    Alastairs last blog post..An Irish Lesson In Economics

  6. liz Avatar

    Was very inspired to see such a balanced post here…that cannot be said for much of the Christian blog world.

    I will refrain my adding my comments on our president-elect as I do not want to turn this into a debate on issues (we’ve had enough of that already).

    But I will echo your call for prayer — No matter who our country’s leader is, we should pray for that person and our nation.

    lizs last blog post..Returns

  7. Kenrick Avatar

    “if laws and such don’t match with what God wants”

    Every time I hear a christian say this, I always think they should insert “I” instead of “God”. More truthful.

    Kenricks last blog post..Voted for change

  8. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    Thanks for the link. And I appriciate and agree with your sentiments. What’s done is done – our job is to support and pray for this man.

    May God CONTINUE to bless America!

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..What You Wish For

  9. Steve Patton Avatar

    Joel, thanks for not posting something the equivalent of crying or saying stuff like the end is here or America will be judged.

    You know, this is the first place I’ve stated it publicly – I voted for Obama. Yes, I’m a Christian and I voted for Obama. Why? “Isn’t life and marriage important to you Steve?” As a living, married man – you betcha they’re important to me. But the issue of life hasn’t come close to being voting on in nearly 20 years! Meanwhile, McCain says he’s going to overturn it? So you’ll promise something that you’ve been promising for YEARS and not deliver on it? Meanwhile you want me to work for you and help you earn your position? Sounds like pimping to me.

    Nevertheless, its not the politicians role to do the church’s job. We need to BE the CHURCH and stop begging politicians to do our job.
    “If MY people which are called by MY name will humble themselves and VOTE REPUBLICAN, seek their Senate seats…” Wait, my bad I misquoted it. It says humble themselves and PRAY, seek MY FACE and turn from their wicked ways.

    Okay, stepping off of soapbox…

    Steve Pattons last blog post..Reasons- OTHER THAN SEX AND RACE – why this is a historic election

  10. jaybrams Avatar

    although I appreciate your balance in this post, i agree with Kenrick. What God wants? Biblically, authority only comes to power through His allowance (romans 13:1)… so for some reason, beyond our knowledge or understanding, this already is “what God wants.”

    But, the essence of your post, i agree with. Keep it up as always

    jaybramss last blog post..Happy Fall Y’all

  11. Joel Klampert Avatar

    See I wasn’t actually trying to go for balance, but glad I achieved it. lol

    Am I glad we finally have a black man as president? You freakin bet I am.

    Am I glad all of this craziness is over? Oh boy yes.

    Do I agree with everything oboma stands for? Nope.

    I don’t agree with the statement then this is what God wants…
    In the bible when the people cried for a King God said …ok but you asked for it.
    I feel that way about whoever we put in office.

    I don’t agree with the idea that if God gives authority to something that He wants it.

    I don’t know who He wanted in. Could be Obama. No clue, But I do know who we as the USA chose.

    I think the church should stand by what God wants..yes..

    If Obama votes to kill babies . God does not want this. this is not me talking. It’s in the word.

    I agree with steve on this. It’s time the church actually started acting like the church instead of being the frozen chosen.

    I have heard some say that they can’t in thier right mind pray for a Obama because of what he believes.


    you damn well better pray for him just like you need to pray for your neighbor or family members.

    We all need God and the USA needs God.

    I pray we made the right choice as a nation and that if we didn’t that we can Unite as the church and fill the gaps with love, justice, and mercy.

    As far as it being the end of days…When have I not heard that every day of my entire life.

    No man knows the hour or the day, but be ready.

    I’m praying for our country if it was the right choice or wrong because there are more running this country than Obama and they all need Christ.

  12. Alastair Avatar

    Obama votes to kill babies? When/where?

    Alastairs last blog post..Limbs and Branches: Review & Giveaway!

  13. Alastair Avatar

    You need the subscribe to comments by email plug-in on this blog…

    Alastairs last blog post..Limbs and Branches: Review & Giveaway!

  14. jaybrams Avatar

    I don’t believe that every law that Obama passes or every choice that a leader makes is what God “wants”… I know this, He could’ve altered the outcome if He didn’t want it, yes?

    so perhaps “wants” is a silly word for either of us to use, because we cannot in our finite understanding fathom His sovereignty. We know His desire is to bring glory to His Kingdom and to reestablish fellowship with us. How does Obama play into it? I don’t know…

    there is no need to rehash political arguments at this point (which i don’t think is your intention anyway), but we certainly agree that on your prayer.

    jaybramss last blog post..Happy Fall Y’all

  15. Adam Avatar

    Im excited about the Presidency.. Tho I am also proud to have voted for McCain..
    I know God is soverign over all things, even during times of tribulation and suffering.. (not saying that this is where Obama is gonna bring us) Tho our country currently in a tough spot.
    I am disappointed tho, by the “game” in which our elections have become. Just because you can play the “game” does not make you the most qualified leader.
    McCains conceding speech was marked with Class, and Congratulations for our Next President. McCain showed exactly the type of character this country needs..
    I personally think abortion and same-sex marriage is nothing but a political platform, and has nothing to do with what really matters..
    We are the Church, and as Steve and Joel sounded.. it is WE that need to be the Light and Salt.. Not our Country.
    We are Citizens of Heaven above any other allegiance.

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  17. John Avatar


    Johns last blog post..This is The Hardcore

  18. Conner Avatar

    Oh yeah great discussion here.
    I agree with alot of what’s been said here. I didn’t vote for Obama. I don’t think change is coming from the White House. I think change is coming from the Church. If we rest our hopes on a President we’re looking in the wrong direction. Don’t get me wrong, I hope for great leadership and pray for them. I think though that it should be the Church stepping in with aid for the poor and impoverished, reaching out to homosexuals and unwed Mothers. We can’t rely on our government to do what Christ calls His church to do.

    That being said, I’m anxious to see what change we’ll have in the White House. I pray for Obama and his family and that he is a wise leader.

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