Keep your legs closed and eyes on God

I was watching MTv the other day. Yes I do watch it from time to time and I will get to which shows I watch in another post. Any way while I am watching it a commercial comes on with PINK.

This is not an exact quote because I can’t find a youtube video of it, but she say. When I was in High School being a slut made you a loser. Now if you are not a slut then you are the loser.

PINK was dead on with that one. I have found it very odd in doing youth ministry how much things have changed since the good old 1990’s. Back then things were pretty simple. There was pressure to have sex…sure, but if you were one of the ones who was always looking for it people called you a slut and you became an outcast. In the schools now you have to go much further in your “experimentation” to be labeled a slut.

I think this was evident at the MTv VMA’s with the jonas brothers and others getting grief for thier promise rings. It just is not cool any more to wait for marriage.

So what is the deal? Why is this becoming such an epidemic even among professed Christians?

There is an increased amount of Christians who while dating or engaged, since they know “this” is the one, they think it’s ok to have sex. They have the Bible and know what God says about it, but they think what they are doing is just fine.

There are thousands of reasons why non-biblically, disease, STD, pregnancy, emotional damage, ruining your wedding night, etc etc. The bible says that when two people have sex they become one, emotionally and physically. Anybody who has had sex knows it is much deeper than just physical. God knew this when he created it and that’s why He designed it for within a marriage.

There isn’t much I can say for those who are not Christians on the matter because honestly sex is great so I understand the temptation.

I just want to talk about Christians here.

If you are a teenager who is a Christian and you are having sex and you are not married. You are not honoring yourself, your future husband/wife, your current partner, or God.

The bible says in 1 Timothy 4:12
Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.

I think this verse is huge and often the last part is left out. Most youth people use it to say…Hey you are young, but you can still do stuff great for God. Yes that is true, but there is more. It is saying..You are young, but as a Christian you have responsibilities to God and yourself.
Use your tongue for good, Love others, have faith in your God, and be committed to purity of mind and body. Do all of that so you can be an example to others who don’t believe in God.

I’m hoping we can break the culture of if it feels good do it. The truth is though that changing that mindset takes prayer and action. Prayer from the leaders, the church, and parents. Action from the youth to be an example and to hold each other accountable.

I’m praying for my youth…are you?



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13 responses to “Keep your legs closed and eyes on God”

  1. Rich Avatar

    I am praying… especially since I have a good looking teenager at home!

    Richs last blog post..Twitter a tool for terrorism says the US Army: how can a social media tool help Jihad?

  2. Becky Avatar

    Great little article ~ short but to the point. In my opinion, abortion is really just a symptom of the real problems in our culture. The root of the problem is just what you say here! This is what needs to be changed through prayer & action. I sent your link to my daughter at college (not that there’s a problem ~ just as encouragement & a reminder! haha) Thanks for putting this up, & God bless!

  3. kelsey Avatar

    hey joel i like this ! and i like the fact that i can now get onto your blogs :]

  4. Graham Avatar

    right on – can’t be said enough now adays

  5. Molly Avatar

    I really loved this. I’ve gotten grief for my purity ring, and I know how annoying it is.
    Thanks for posting this!

  6. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    You go, bro! You cannot say enough about this, hit these points enough, drill it enough. Keep standing in the gap!

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..Saturday Silliness – Hallelujah and more

  7. Tyler (Man of Depravity) Avatar

    Yeah this is sad but true. I felt a little of this when I was in school, but I have no doubts that it has gotten much harder even in the past 6 years.

    Tyler (Man of Depravity)s last blog post..Fortuitous Bouncing

  8. lori Avatar

    I’m praying for the youth. But I’m also praying for the parents of those youth. Communication is key. What do you expect from your kids? How are you going to exemplify that for them? It takes a village…every one of us has a responsibility to be an example for those younger than us, regardless of how old we are (or not!!)

    loris last blog post..Surgery Update II

  9. Kelli Avatar

    I have to agree with Lori. My parents were very straightforward in talking about sex with me. When it came down to it, I not only understood the spiritual repercussions, but I was aware of the consequences including the fact that my parents weren’t going to accept the responsibility of a child if I were to get pregnant. Now days, theres just not enough reason NOT to do it in these kids minds.

    Good post

    Kellis last blog post..Good Man, Great God (Part 2)

  10. Joel Klampert Avatar

    to everybody:

    yes it start the parents hands down…and prayer and action by the church as a whole.

    I hate seeing youth rejected fr making smart choices, but it happens every day. It is amazing how twisted things are getting.Im glad this is hitting some people

  11. tam Avatar

    youth definitely become the outcasts for not getting involved with the immoral behavior of their peers. its difficult. but often times, doing the right thing means going against the grain. but in that, it brings attention to integrity. God never said doing the right thing would be easy. He just said Do It!

    lori – yes. communication, communication, communication. absolutely.

    i will get my daughter over here after school and see if she wants to chime in.

    joel – we can’t sit back and not encourage our youth today to purity. so thank you for this!

    tams last blog post..lil dose of caffeine…

  12. Shauna Avatar

    I also agree with Lori that the parents need to communicate too. Mine didn’t and I feel if they did I may have possibly made better decisions. Now I have a daughter going into puberty and I know I will have to sit down with her soon.

    There is nothing wrong with being pure! I don’t understand why being pure is made fun of instead of sleeping around!

    I will be praying for our youth.

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