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So we all love United, but for some reason Hillsong London gets no credit and is lost in the shuffle. Thier last CD “Jesus is” and the remix were brilliant, but for some reason nobody has heard them. Listen to the wisdom that is klampert.

You need to buy thier new CD which comes out next week. I got an advanced copy and it’s fantastic. I willhave a review coming soon. Until then…Here is a preview. Enjoy!






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  1. Tyler Avatar

    I dig the “the same power” part, but the rest of it just feels exactly like every other hillsong type song.

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  2. admin Avatar

    ha…yes they do have “that” sound, but the CD somehow just like the last one seems different for me. Maybe I’m wrong, but It has a different vibe for me.
    I’m still going thru the CD now so I will have me full thoughts on it soon.

  3. Amy Avatar

    I really like it- as a relative “newbie” to listening to Hillsong on a regular basis, it is wonderful. Great segway into “same power”, which is one of my faves.

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  4. Jay Sellers Avatar

    Okay, you got me thinking about this after the few Tweets went back and forth.

    Sure, my favorite part of this video is “the same power” part that happened to follow Healer on the new album from Hillsong Sydney. The rest of the song is decent, but not great. However, I think my own personal standards for worship music are becoming unreasonable.

    Back in days of old (early 90’s) the Vineyard Music Group would put out a cd from the Touching the Father’s Heart series seemingly every other week and we rolled out the red carpet, regardless of the lyrical quality. Then Vineyard UK put out Hungry and Surrender. Gadzooks, those albums upped the ante.

    A few years back, Giglio had a message about how we consume worship songs and tire of them, only to throw them away like old clothes. I’m vaguely remembering that message may have ended up on the Redman Facedown DVD. Anyway, he talked about how each Passion album seemed better or more popular than the one before, so we traded the old ones in and forgot about them.

    Now, I see the same happening to the music coming out of Hillsong, United, Delirious? etc.

    I’m excited about what God is doing in the midst of all these great churches and worship bands that put out great albums. When I get into the comparison game, everybody loses, it’s just so hard to approach each album equally and keep all the good songs in regular rotation.

    It might not be the best way to think about it, but it’s like looking at the Led Zeppelin catalog: years after the last album hit the presses, I wouldn’t be willing to say I like one album over the other. They’re all good in their own right to me. U2 comes to mind as well.

    Worship music, on the other hand, keeps getting better and better and better. Specifically, the musicianship is through the roof. However, lyrically, most of it still sounds plenty much like everything else, while some of us are still looking for a good “Hungry” or “Surrender” to pop up out of the stew.

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  5. Conner Avatar

    Yeah they came here to HPC and I missed them, I was pretty disappointed because I heard they were really amazing.

    LOVE what Jay had to say here. I have that feeling for Hillsong, it seems between the various camps they have a CD coming out every 6 months 🙂 I agree, we’re living in an age of praise and worship music musically getting so great and relevant with current music that it’s hard not to just churn through them.
    As I type this, I must have gotten to the spot everyone’s talking about. I WANT TO SING! So, I look forward to the review. I hope I don’t eat it up and then go looking for something else 5 minutes later.

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  6. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Loving the new blog, Joel. Mine has moved too – it seems to be a bit hard to get folks to ‘follow me over’, if you know what I mean.

    p.s. – I like some of Hillsong London’s stuff more than regular Hillsong, personally…

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