Twitter is God breathed

straight from the word! God believed in twitter too

ht: H3






9 responses to “Twitter is God breathed”

  1. Stef Tarapchak Avatar
    Stef Tarapchak

    OK, that is way too funny!!! I don’t feel so bad twittering now!!

  2. Scott Keller Avatar

    Did you get my email?? Let me know.



    Scott Kellers last blog post..Don’t let her fool you….

  3. Jared Holloway Avatar

    Twitter… at least God didn’t tweet 🙂

    Jared Holloways last blog post..Insert [Name] Here… thoughts about contraception, abortion, and the like…

  4. Adam Avatar

    Dude.. I like ur new site.. very cool..

    still not sold on twitter tho.. lol

  5. John Avatar


    not sold on twitter? but god said so!

    Johns last blog post..Biblical Proof that God Loves Twitter

  6. jaybrams Avatar

    just like us to take something out of context 😉 … let me put this in proper perspective for you… see, the prophet (this is in Isaiah according to google) twittered, and then rightfully says “I am oppressed” … see, twitter isn’t godly, it’s oppressive.

    Thats the correct interpretation of it at least 😛

    jaybramss last blog post..unChristian: Final Thoughts

  7. admin Avatar

    actually it says he is oppressed by his security..

    what that means is there are some guys that are bothering him and he decided to twitter it hoping somebody would save him.

    🙂 ha ha

  8. jaybrams Avatar

    joel… “be” and “by” are completely different. He says “be” my security… not “by” my security. Ultimately i’m pretty sure Isaiah is like “TWITTER IS OPPRESSING ME! LORD, SAVE ME FROM THE OPPRESSION!” okay, i have a meeting and lunch to get to…

    jaybramss last blog post..unChristian: Final Thoughts

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