I need some body paint


This video is as creative as it gets. Brilliant and the leads voice is insane.

I’m a little confused why the congregation isn’t jumping up and down.





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  1. Kyle Avatar

    I said the same thing when I posted this on my site a while ago. Some members of the church commented back and explained why they weren’t. Kind of weak sauce in my book, this was incredible, get out of your seat church! Save the golf clap for the course.

    Kyles last blog post..Sunday morning vocal warmups without an iPod

  2. admin Avatar

    exactly…I still dont get it. They have another video of them doing true love by Wickham and they are just sitting there…and I’m like are you kidding this is awesome!

  3. Darren Avatar

    Okay, what is WITH the body paint? It looks like they’re going to break out into some kinky sex right in the front of the church! Talk about distracting from the lyrics.

    Well, except for the “warmth of your love” part…that seems to fit quite well.

    I like the song, and the video is definitely creative. But oh, the voice – give me someone more classical and less pop any day.

    Darrens last blog post..Irony Rocks

  4. admin Avatar

    that could be the comment of the year man…lol

  5. Shauna Avatar

    Kewl! He has an amazing voice!

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