Huge Prayer Request! URGENT!!

Yesterday, after our Sunday morning service, we recieved a phone call that was one you never want to get. We were told that a local pastors wife was rushed to the hospital. We work closely with this man in prayer and unity. I also pray with his son in law Steve Patton (I have mentioned him on here before).

She was opening in prayer when she colapsed. The doctors have determined it was a brain aneurysm. I posted it on twitter and facebook and recieved a ton of comments that my internet community friends are praying. Thank you so much.

Currently her vitals are good, but we are not out of the woods yet. I have recieved updates from Steve and they will be holding for the next 48 hours round the clock prayer at his church.

I will be praying for my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is a scary time. Please pray! please intercede for this woman of God.





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  1. lori Avatar

    Having gone through this with my own mother, I know the anguish and the fear. But I also know that she can survive this.

    That she is alive is good. Lets get specific.

    Please pray not only that she survive, but that the aneurysm did not disrupt her brain function; her cognitive abilities, her vision, her speech or her hearing. Pray that any fear or anxiety she may have be replaced with His peace, so that her body would return to normal (blood pressure etc.) Pray for peace for her family, and for wisdom for the doctors, nurses and technicians that read and interpret scans and test results.

  2. tam Avatar


  3. Steve Patton Avatar

    Thanks for your prayers guys. The doctor JUST told us they clipped the aneurysm!! Please keep praying.

  4. Steve Patton Avatar

    Correction, they coiled it

  5. amester Avatar

    praying this afternoon…
    this has happened too many times in my family-with both negative and positive outcomes. Know that we are bringing her before the Lord.

  6. suzanne Avatar

    count me in on the praying…..that gods peace overwhelm all those close to her

  7. ma Avatar

    My son is attending NAPS and has recently attended and enjoyed the services. He let me know in a phone call what took place so that I could pray as well. Lifting the pastor’s wife, pastor and the church body in prayer from NM.

  8. Janna Avatar

    Im praying

  9. Steve Patton Avatar

    Hey everyone,
    1st of all Joel, thanks for posting this. To ma, I remember meeting your son after service a couple weeks ago. Thanks for your prayers

    And to everyone, thanks for your prayers. She’s being responsive and the doctors are glad about her progress. We’re still not out of the woods yet as some of you know. We’re praying that her blood and brain pressure stays down , we’re praying that there are no vasospasms, and that there is no brain damage. If there is any, that is be immediately reversed.

    I’ll keep you updated.

  10. ma Avatar

    Thanks for the update, Steve. Praise God for the progress the doctors see. Thank you for the specific items for prayer.

  11. czarthoughts Avatar

    If anyone wants any updates, swing by my blog to stay up to date with prayer requests and status reports.

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