Set List Carnival of JOY

Yes folks it’s time for another setlist. In conjunction with the Great Mckinnon

I am Yours – Michael Neale

Shout Your Fame – Natasha Beddingfield
Famous One – Tomlin
Holy God – Brian Doerksen

You Are Good – Kari Jobe

Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle
Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill

You Never Let Go – Redman

It was a pretty Good this last week thanks to my sponsor RICOLA. Yes I heard the sweedish highlander as well. Even though I was sick God made it so I could sing without dieing. It was a great set this week and the teaching was on stop praying and do something. We are to tell people the good news….NOW!

Great stuff. For me the highlight was the Kari Jobe song. I love that one. It is amazing.


7 responses to “Set List Carnival of JOY”

  1. Bobby Gilles Avatar

    Sounds like a really cool set. “You Never Let Go” is one of my favorites.

  2. Darren Avatar

    How does your congregation do with “Holy God?” I like the lyrics, but can’t stand the rhythm – due to never singing on the downbeat, it always feels to me like I’m tripping over the doorstep.

  3. tam Avatar

    sweetly broken is one of my all time favorites. gets me every single time!

    awesome set!

  4. A. Avatar

    You Never Let Go — yes, this song is my encouragement right now!

  5. worshipcity Avatar

    Interesting. I was big into You Never Let Go when it first came out and I think I just must have overplayed it. It seems much too repetitive for me. I think I need to back off it for a while.

    Beautiful Jesus though! I played this with a buddy earlier this year at a Youth Retreat. I didn’t think I’d like it b/c I’m typically not a fan of the “beautiful Jesus.” Sometimes it feels like I’m singing to my wife and not my God, but this song contrasts those features pretty well and it was a blast to play!

  6. thejonmorris Avatar

    we’re about to introduce shout your fame for a big missions month. pretty stoked about doing a song off the hope hillsong album. it’s weird that it’s old.

  7. Gary Durbin Avatar

    I bet “Holy God” does well congregationally. I really dig that song.

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