Lincoln Brewster: Today is the Day Review

I have been listening to Lincoln Brewster since his first CD and have always enjoyed his music. I have however noticed something. His music and showcase of talent is much better when heard live. This was evident when his Live CD “All to You” came out. If you listen to that CD compared to his other stuff it is much more raw. What I mean by that is the studio CD’s always felt overproduced to me. The production made the sound from song to song stay the same.

I use a few of Lincoln’s song in my church services and love his writing, but when Integrity sent me this new CD “Today is the Day” I was a little worried it was going to showcase overproduction instead of Brewster’s amazing ability.

I put the CD in with intrepidation and as it started to play I thanked God. Finally!, They got it right. The production on this CD is good. It still has that feel like His other CD’s but this time it is not distracting.

The First song is the title cut “Today is the Day”. I was sucked in imediately. What a great song and an obvious choice for worship leaders to jump on right off the bat.

I moved on to the next track “Everywhere I Go”. Of course loved this one as well. Actually I liked it even more than the title track.

I went from track to track getting really into the new CD, enjoying the consistancy, but wanting something more. I wanted to hear Lincoln do something different. Show me his guitar technique. Then the back half of the CD started playing.

WOW! That was not expected. Folks this is what I have been waiting for. Lincoln goes into a handful of songs with a bluesy flare, a jazz sound, and some amazing awe inspiring guitar work.

The back half can be compared to the most current sound that John Mayer is putting out and Some of the great work from Phil Keaggy.

Let me tell you while I was hesitant I was greatly pleased.

If you are a fan of Lincoln then you will hear more of what he does best.

If you are not a fan of Lincoln this could very well be the CD that changes that for you.

Today Is The Day releases on 9.23.08 and is currently available for pre-order.

I would suggest you order it. It is more than worth it.

4 out of 5 stars for this CD


5 responses to “Lincoln Brewster: Today is the Day Review”

  1. human3rror Avatar

    i would 2nd that. i saw him live and he was amazing.

  2. jaybrams Avatar

    i’ll pick it up the day it’s released… by far my fav. guitarist, sec. or Christian… and it’s worshipful to boot.

  3. worshipcity Avatar

    Oh man I’m SO glad to hear this! I’m with you. I couldn’t wait for the live CD because I had enough of the studio work. Can’t wait for it because I am a fan of the single so far!

  4. Wisdom Moon Avatar

    Hey, Joel. Could I post this review on my website: under Reviews?

  5. PassiveAggressive Avatar

    We did the title track in the worship set at church today. It was VERY well received, and the congregation was able to pick it up quickly. It’s a catchy chorus, and the words are very relevant in the financial turmoil our counry is experiencing this week.

    “I won’t worry about tomorrow, I’m trusting in what You say, Today is the Day!”

    Amen, great song, Lincoln. Looking forward to the rest of the CD. Thanks for a good review

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