The VMA’s: how sad

So last night I did something I love to do. I watched an award show. I just love award shows. I love looking at people and clothes and seeing people win and lose. The show this night was the VMA’s on Mtv.

Britney spears opened the show and was sorta funny and then out came the host. Russel Brand. I watching him and I turn to my wife and say “who the heck is he”. Well turns out that was a reaction many had.

Russel proceded to go into a rant on politics and tear up Bush in a very inappropriate way. He preached that promiscuity and un married sex are not only ok but if your are not doing it you are a moron. He took jabs at the jonas brothers for wearing promise rings and made horrible comments about it. He went into disgraceful talk about madonna and taylor swift as well.

I am not a person who is by any means not aware people are like this and Mtv is known for this crap, but what the heck. This guy was way overboard. I pushed his own disgusting agenda and I was offended. There are songs today like “I kissed a girl” by katy perry which are huge. Some churches are preaching against it and her and even saying that she will be going to hell. I don’t look at it that way. Katy was signed on a Christian label by jennifer knapp and her CD was a flop. Then she went secular and capitolized on this new persona. It makes me sad that she was not embraced by the christian community, that she has changed her image and now is spreading the word that it is perfectly ok to be Bi. It isn’t, but it is also not ok to bash people like that. Sin is sin, but we are to still love those people. That was my rabbit trail rant…back to the VMA’s

So watching this I was really sad because of how important it is for people to be “cool” and “sexy”. People have really lost thier integrity and our culture is teaching the youth of today that it is “ok” to be like that.

We all know that this is out there. Is the church given a better alternative with our hypicrites and addicts as well? It is time the church started accepting people and praying for healing instead of condeming. With that said I will also go after Mtv. What happened to the creativity, to the music. It is now just a channel filled with reality shows designed to entice the horney youth population. It is working. That makes me sad.

Nobody is perfect. but I think Mtv could have made a better choice for thier host. Look at the bio for the guy they chose.:

He is a former heroin addict, sex addict, alcoholic and has had numerous run-ins with the police, having been arrested 11 times for public indecency.[34] During the time of his addiction, he was known for his debauchery, a notable example being his ejection from The Gilded Balloon, in Edinburgh.[35] He has abstained from drug use since 2003 and is now a patron of the addiction charity Focus 12.[36] His abandonment of drugs and alcohol was instigated by his agent John Noel.[37] He did so with the help of the Hare Krishnas, to whom he feels “indebted”. He has been fired many times for indecency and for reading porn over the radio.

I am ok with free speach but it seems to me MTv isnt. They are sure pushing thier agenda with thier choices last night. the church..stop attacking people like Katy perry. My guess is it’s people like that who convinced her to leave the church originally.

Time to be real church…time to hit things on the head…time to walk in truth justice and mercy…

Time to realize what a sad state our culture is in and get on our knees and pray hard.



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14 responses to “The VMA’s: how sad”

  1. JVo Avatar

    Dude, I kissed a girl and I liked it. Then I married her. Can’t stop kissing her.

  2. Alastair Vance Avatar

    Russel Brand has been on UK TV for years. Presenting such things as Big Brother. He’s an absolute looper.

    When I went back to the UK I noticed how much rougher our television programmes are compared to the US. They are always pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable.

    Katy Perry – not sure about her story. Didn’t know she was signed as a christian artist. What happened to her? She turned bi-sexual because her album flopped? I don’t buy that.

  3. klampert Avatar

    Alastair..let me clarify she didnt go bi cus the CD flopped..

    Her CD did flop…
    and she went secular.
    and now she is singing things completely against what her other CD said.

    I think it is sad she left the faith and it makes me wonder not only what happened but why some churches are attacking her instead of praying for her

  4. Alastair Vance Avatar

    Ok, I get you. Also agree that the church should be praying – just like should for everyone who needs Jesus.

  5. Stef Avatar

    I agree that the VMA’s were just trash last night. I couldn’t get past Russell Brand, so I stopped watching. That guy has some issues, still.

  6. mudpuppy Avatar

    In all honestly, I’m having a hard time believing anyone even turned those on. I can see tuning in to the Academy Awards, but the VMA’s? Have you seen those in the past? They’ve been garbage for, like, ever.

  7. klampert Avatar

    yeah mud i agree…
    there are a few reasons why I do..
    I heard mark driscol say once..If you want to reach people see what the culture is doing…so read girl magazines to get in the head of your youth girls as an example…
    Vma’s are a snap shot into our messed up culture.. andhonstly its the crap my youth listen to and watch..

    then there are bands I do want to see…I wanted to see paramore and they were AWESOME…

    but this was the worst VMA by far because of russel…I actually had to turn it off because I didnt want to hear any more of his drivel.

  8. Scott Keller Avatar

    In regards to Britain’s pop culture, I think the United States is on the same trajectory, we are just not as far along in the process.

    I stopped watching the VMA’s years ago. Pearl Jam and Neil Young wrecked that show in the 90’s. Ever since, their bubble-gum pop show has paled in comparison.


  9. atxm Avatar

    Whats scary is MTV is held as the source of “whats hot?” or “whats not?”..
    It sets the agenda for our kids, and dictates what is acceptable. I have not been able to stomach MTV for years.. except for the occasional “Rob and BIG”.. lol.. but the amount of trash vs the occasional humor is by far lop sided.. In order to reach the Youth of this nation, we would have to redefine Pop Culture..
    We need a more “Jesus Freaks”

  10. sureshrec22 Avatar

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  11. Lisa Avatar

    I completely agree that our society always wants to push the boundaries to places that honestly, to me, aren’t appropriate. Today, it seems, that if you aren’t promiscuous, you are considered weird or a loser. And, that’s sad.

    It makes me think of something I saw not too long ago when I was surfing the web. I absolutely love jeans. Have tons of pairs, and I have heard of this one brand called Rich & Skinny and that they had really great jeans. Well, first of all, “What’s with that name?” That already puts a sour taste in my mouth. But, I continue on and land on their site, which had this trailer on it. I watched it and although it was short, you can already see that they are trying to be risque and make it look like having a scandalous life is sexy and fun. It sparked my curiousity and I came upon a description of what this site’s going to be about and found that it will be quote “depicting a decadent family and all their scandalous exploits; living out today’s Holy Trinity of sex, money, and power. ” So, I’m guessing it’s not just going to be an online shop for jeans, but that they’ve tied a storyline to it that seems debaucherous.

    I don’t get it. Why do they feel they have to do this? What kind of message is it going to be sending to everyone? They say “sex sells,” but does everyone really think like this? Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?

  12. blogsology Avatar

    I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but when are WE going to grow up and stop being shocked by stuff like this? It’s MTV! THAT’S WHAT THEY DO!

    We shouldn’t be shocked or outraged – only saddened that a generation is taking its cues from mass media like this instead of parents who give a rip about them.

    We need Jesus.

  13. worshipcity Avatar

    I’m with you man. I didn’t even watch all of it, something I almost always do regardless. What was more shocking to me that the actual awards was this week’s Entertainment Weekly’s coverage of it. I’m working on a post about it. I was actually surprised at what ET said were the “Stand Out” moments and such. They capitalized on the racy, overly sexual content and those were the highlights of the show they said. It’s a shame.

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