Set List/Confessional – 9/7/08

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In Christ Alone – Hymn

Be Glorified – Klampert
O Taste and See – Brian and Jenn Johnson
Marvelous Light w/tag – Charlie Hall
Nothing without You – Bebo Norman

I will Lift my eyes – Bebo Norman

Center – Charlie Hall
Hosanna – Brooke Fraser/United

I am a friend of God – Israel

Interesting week. On saturday night my dad (the pastor) decided to go to the hospital with chest pain. They did tests and everything came back normal. They decided to keep him for 2 extra days just to be sure. This meant we needed to scramble for a teaching. We pulled it together and had a good message. The worship was good as well, but something is sure in the air.

We are never people to call everything bad an attack…actually we don’t even do it very often, but this was definatly one. My dads sermon was a big one. It is part of some of the things I have been writing on the blog. About action, thinking big and moving forward. I am pretty sure satan does not want us thinking this way. As a mater of fact when I led youth group that evening I had this odd feeling. It was an odd night. It seemed most were not paying attention. Like we were being distracted and our focus was turning away from kingdom things. I addressed it and then went home kinda irritated. I walked away thinking..what the heck is going on here. I prayed about it and realized. God is ready to rock this place. Whenever God wants to do something big and we profess that we are going to do it as well then we are bound to get attacked. My answer…







6 responses to “Set List/Confessional – 9/7/08”

  1. sulochanosho Avatar

    Yes, God is great. To confess is to conquest, the way to LIFE.

  2. Billy Chia Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear about the hospital visit. Sounds like you guys were able to capitalize on a the situation by turning a bad into a good. Awesome to hear about a “big sermon” with a call to action.

  3. Amy Avatar

    prayers for your dad
    we are experiencing a little “turn your focus away from heavenly things” around here today as well. it is in the air.

  4. Gary Durbin Avatar

    We’re finally doing Hosanna this week. Love that song.

  5. Fred F. McKinnon Avatar

    ThaNKS for calling it the “SWEET” carnival! LOL

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  6. Секс Порно Видео Avatar

    This is somthing I have been looking for a long time. Thanks!!!

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