Why is the “church” so apathetic?

1. absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
2. lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting

Translation: Apathy equals sitting on your butt.

I wonder how many churches if they closed down would not be missed. For that matter would people even notice they were gone.

Grace teaches us to not be apathetic. Since we have the best Grace of all why do Christians seem so content with Sunday morning and are not even thinking about Mercy, justice and love?

I’m seeing that where I am.

So why?

How do we get people to care?


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  1. Billy Chia Avatar

    I don’t know if the Church is apathetic. I see many in the church challenging the status quo, forging ahead, chasing the Holy Spirit and raging against the gates of Hell.

    I think apathy comes when we start focusing on making everything comfortable instead of asking, “How can I move OUT of my comfort zone to reach, free, and grow people in Jesus Christ?”

  2. Innovative ML Avatar

    Good question…need to think about it.

  3. suzanne Avatar

    I think seeing what’s in front of us is from where we are sitting when looking. it’s easy to see things from the outside and see what’s only on the surface. it’s when we dig deep and take the time to get to know people when we see what’s really going on. i know i get shocked whenever i do. all we can do is let christ use us to such an extent that people can’t help but want to know what’s got us all worked up

  4. fmckinnon Avatar

    I think the “Church” is simply reflective of the individuals that make it up. We, as individuals are apathetic. Why? We’ve sold outselves out to culture, to being so “relevant” that we are absent of any sense of “set apart”, holiness (I don’t mean you have to wear your hair in a bun, ladies), etc.

    When it’s all said and done, I think we, for the most part (for me, definitely) are probably more selfish than ever before.

    Just my tired, need-to-get-some-rest perspective tonight.

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  5. tam Avatar

    fred – great tired perspective! and yay for the no bun! thanks.

    i think as a society, which we in the church are a part of, we are so catered to and spoiled that we are way more self focused than years before. i think that alone can lead to apathy – cuz we’re really only concerned with ourselves.

    maybe a harsh view. but its my opinion on it.

  6. czarthoughts Avatar

    The cure for apathy would seem to be a God sized mission. Jesus gave His Church a God-sized mission: “Preach the gospel to everyone, everywhere.”

    I agree with Billy, I can’t say the “church” as a whole is apathetic. I’m seeing that as we speak a militant groups is mass raping, torturing and killing Christians in India right now. Police protection is involved…its crazy. There is no apathy during martyrdom. BUT, I would say that much of the church in our community is apathetic.

    My goal, fire people up by reminding them of the God sized mission given to His CHurch by Christ. To put it in theological terms, we need a clear vision of Christology, Missiology and Ecclesiology.

  7. czarthoughts Avatar

    Less self, more God.

  8. lori Avatar

    Ya know…too often ppl go to church because they need. They need to be moved, they need to be ministered to, they need to feel like they belong to something greater than themselves. Many see the church as most of us see the doctor. We go when we are sick, and sometimes we delay in going causing us to be sicker still when we do finally go. I think in developing countries, where the availability of such care, be it medical or spiritual, is not as readily available, there is more a sense of get up and go…
    I agree, in general terms, the church is apathetic. I also know there are pockets where the banner is held high and the work is done. We spend a lot of energy trying to bring worshipers into the throne room…we need to spend just as much time teaching that in DOING there is more healing than in being…i have no idea if that makes sense to anyone else….ok…i’ll just stop…now…

  9. atxm Avatar

    Dude, Ive been praying about this alot lately..

    I think our churches forget, what its all about.. I do believe that we have abandoned “community” for the sake of convience..
    We replace “fellowship” with showing up once or twice a week, for bible study or church service.. We live our lives in accordance to our “religion or traditions”, Which allow us to have some amount of “control”.. our lives become routine, and comfortable..

    check out my latest post..

  10. david lee king Avatar

    the church TRAINS us to sit on our butts – we sit – listening to the preacher, listening to the sunday school teacher, in small groups even. We are trained to sit and listen.

    Maybe we should be training each other to action instead.

  11. worshipcity Avatar

    I think it’s because we have a small picture of God that fits in our pocket and is nice to tuck in there deep when we don’t want to think about it and fits in the palm of our hand when we need Him…sorry, I ranted just slightly about this before Gustav hit.
    I agree, the “church” is a reflection of its people and there are some incredible people and churches out there doing some incredible things. There are also some churches that I’ve driven by dozens of times and wonder if they’re even still open?

  12. Rachel Rowell Avatar

    Helping them understand that they were created for a specific purpose. Every single one of them. And I can assure you, sitting on your butts, was not one of them. It gets me when the Christian community adopts this thinking. It is sad.

    The problem is, people just don’t understand the power in themselves. Therefore, we have a bunch of people sitting their doing nothing waiting for everyone around them to do what THEY might have been the one created to do.

    They know that there is a world out there to be reached, yet they figure, ahhhh, I’ll let someone else more qualified and talented do it.

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