Healer updates: pastor mike told to go to police

here is a new article on the healer story

also I hope there will be an outpouring of grace for this broken man. Go join the prayer group for him on facebook.

God is a God of grace, goodness, mercy, and healing.


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  1. brewster Avatar

    God is still a healer and despite the actions of people, has anointed this song to help strengthen the faith of believers around the world. This is our chance as THE CHURCH to shine. It is up to us how we react.

  2. richard Avatar

    It’s an obviously touchy subject but now is the time for a little pragmatism… had he have fallen privately, this could be staged managed in the way the article suggests (`with an outpouring of grace`) The man lied to hundreds of thousands and insulted every person who actually has a potentially fatal illness.

    My wife had dual cancer surgery last year and my father served honorably in ministry for decades… I’m trying to work out who I’m more offended for. This is why Michael Spencer calls it the `evangelical circus`… `Pastor` Mike is the brand new clown.

  3. klampert Avatar

    Brewster: you are dead on man…I am choosing to react in praying for mike and still singing this awesome song.

    Richard: wow yeah that is tough.

  4. Scott Keller Avatar


    I usually agree with you, and love your blog. But I disagree about continuing to use the song. I personally will not be doing this song at our church. I can empathize with folks like Richard who lost loved ones to similar diseases and are deeply insulted by this hoax.

    There are so many great songs out there, why would I choose a song with this kind of baggage?

    There’s my two cents.

  5. klampert Avatar

    scott: first off glad you like the blog..i like yours as well…and man we need to meet someday.

    this is a tough call
    I totally empathize with richard about this and man is that hard.

    But I also believe in grace and The psalms are a perfect model of why I still will do the song. if this song is tainted so are the psalms. David was, even as he walked with God, a liar, an adulterer, a killer, a thief, etc etc. Yet God still used his words. David confessed just as Mike did. My hope is mike repents and gets help, but that doesnt negate the parrallels.
    Like I said before in the other post. Truth is truth no matter where it’s found. And the truth that God is a healer shines through despite mikes poor choices.
    I am thankful every day he does the same for me.

  6. promise Avatar

    hahahhaa. that is awesome. i will check that out

  7. promise Avatar

    oops i commented on the wrong one. that was a bad comment for this post. sorry

  8. grace Avatar

    The scriptures are clear in that they say that their will be false prophets in the church which I believe Pastor Mike was. But in saying that, it is good to see the reaction towards this man is positive and not condenming. Obviously, this man has some major problems in his life and it is good that God finally brought it to the surface.
    I am not a member of the AOG faith but it is good to see members not condeming him. I pray he will get some positive help and if he isn’t a born again believer, I pray God will use this to bring Mike to Himself. Amen.

  9. Matthew Connor Avatar
    Matthew Connor

    For those who have looked on what Mike has done and said, “Oh, what a terrible thing,” or “Oh, what a terrible man!” With love and respect, I can only say one thing to you. Get over it. The Bible says that no temptation has seized you except what is COMMON to man. That means that the “secret” sin you have isn’t so secret. We all struggle with it. It’s COMMON. Every single human being is capable of ANY sin at ANY time given the right circumstances. There is not ONE of us who can look down on Mike and say, “Oh how terrible.” Don’t you realize that mercy triumphs over judgment? Don’t you realize that when Mike stands before Jesus to give an account for his life that the SAME BLOOD that covers YOUR sins will cover HIS? Don’t you realize our God is a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and ABOUNDING in love? Guys, we were all conceived in a sinful mother’s womb, we were all born into a sinful world. We’ve ALL fallen into temptation after temptation. But God’s grace covers us! So before you condemn Mike for his “oh so terrible” acts, know that the blood that forgives you forgives him as well. Don’t you dare pick up the first stone.

    Mike, we love you brother. Be free!

    Matthew Connor

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