Mancation: Day 2

Day 2 of Mancation with Rich (husband to Lori) and Matt.

We went to bed way too late because Matt and I are addicted to our computers. I am dealing with this of course. Therapy doesn’t seem to be working though.

I woke up in the morning and realized that it was 8am. This is almost two hours later than I normally wake up. Was it my cozy bed? uh I don’t think so…I just slept in. I walk out of my room and see Rich standing there who has been waiting for Matt and I to wake up because he was bored to tears.

Matt woke up and said “Holy crap I have a bad back, but with this bed everything but my back hurts.”

Rich “uh…lets get breakfast.”

So we showered and then headed to our complimentary breakfast. Slab O Eggs…yum

Forcast for our wonderful day of golf. RAIN! We called to the course and they said it’s great right now so we went down and played in pouring rain 8 holes. We were drenched and the balls barely rolled. Matt played 3 of the 8 holes. I think rain scares him. I’m not sure.

At hole #4 the ranger there said to us. ” what are you guys stupid! why are you playing in this kind of rain.”

when we were done it was time to get changed into dry clothes. So we went to the hotel and changed. We went out the door to go get some lunch when something hit us. THE SUN! Thats right. the sun was out and it wan’t raining. What in the! Ok deep breaths. One of the reasons to go on this mancation was to get rid of some of the negativity. Some of us are doing better than others, but the venture is not over yet.

We went to a pizza place called Town Spa. What kind of name is that for a pizza joint? Rich swore by it so we went and it was great. Then onto Newbury Comics and Guitar Center (aka Meca).

Many hours have passed now and we needed to get dinner so we went to the melting pot. I have been wanting to go there for 7 years now and it was awesome. Fondue restaraunt and we not only had a great time of fellowship but awesome food.

two hours later (yes 2 hours) we went to visit rich’s old stomping grounds and got to meet his parents.

Now we are back at the hotel awaiting what kind of things are before us for our final day of mancation. More Golf? More rain? Prayer? Soul seraching? Gocarts? Who knows…You will just have to wait till tomorrow night.

It sounds like my family had a great day too. Dentist visits and bike rides.



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  1. lori Avatar

    Town Spa eh? hmm…

    Sounds like a good day after all!

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