Mancation: day 1

Mancation begins Sunday morning.  I didn’t have to wake up and get myself ready to lead worship at church. I didn’t have to get my gear together or…well I didn’t have to do anything.

I got to have Dunkin Donuts with my family. YUM! and then play with the boys. I had some loose ends to clear up before I left on this Infamous trip. Let me interject real quick here. I want everybody to know how this mancation even came to be.

It was my wife’s idea. She told me to “get out”. Well it wasn’t really that way. She told me to get out and take some time to have a break from life. Let me go on the record and just say how amazing my wife is. I know I’m driving her nuts and she is still thinking about my sanity. I love my wife Kelly more than anything. Interestingly enough there was an amazing thing that happened yesterday. Kelly made a comment on my blog. INSANE! She gets better and better.

Ok back to mancation; so I’m tying up the loose ends. One of the loose ends is my jungle of a lawn. It needed to be mowed something fierce. So I started mowing. I was making great strides and then took a break. Bad mistake. When I came back to it and pulled the rip cord. SNAP! the chord broke in half. Are you freakin kidding me. UGH!

I was going to try another church that morning, but I had to fix lawn equipment. I tried fixing the chord and I gues I am not good at lawn equipt. repair.

Well my wife and kids really wanted to play in the yard and the jungle was hampering that. I pulled out the weed wacker and got started on a tedious venture of trying to cut the lawn with it. It was working. Then I took a break. Sputter sputter. That’s the sound of the weedwacker not starting again. ARG!

After that I gave up and packed. I got ready to go and said goodbye to my wife and kids. My 7 year old Tristan wrote me a really nice note and told me he was gonna miss me. I left with him crying. I didn’t like that. I love that little boy. I hope the 3 of my guys have a great time with mommy.

I jumped in the car with Rich (husband to Lori) and Matt.

Now we are off. Heading to the free Phil Wickham show. The place had a pretty good crowd. Phil as usual was brilliant. Why could I not have pipes like him. He had some interesting chord fingerings. And played everysong with his guitar tuned down a whole step. It was amazing and he played all his best stuff. True love of course being the standout to me.

Ok then off to the hotel. Residence inn. Nice suite with 3 beds. Perfect. We brought our laptops of course. NO WIRELESS! What the heck. Only in the lobby. (I’m sitting in the lobby with Matt – rich went to bed)

We are going to attempt to play golf tomorrow and go the the fondue joint “the melting pot” for dinner. The forecast is for rain. I’m hoping it doesn’t It’s kind of dangerous to have metal gold clubs in a thunder storm, but honestly there is nothing more manly than defying nature.

Here ends day one. Cya guys tomorrow.

And tell my wife how amazing she is and how much you wish your wife was as cool as mine.


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  1. Bryan Avatar

    A mancation. I love it! Should have discovered this before my last post regarding men and worship. How often do you do these?

  2. lori Avatar

    Can’t wait for the follow up posts on this one!!

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