Set List: July 27th 2008

It seems it has been a while since i have posted a set list or done a confessional. I stopped doing the confessionals just because I thought they were kind of dying off. Not posting the set lists was pure laziness. Recently I have had a few people ask me why I was not posting my set lists any more. My answer…I don’t know.

Then Fred Mckinnon tells me ” hey man join my set list carnival.!” So i guess here it is, back by popular demand. THE SET LIST. Welcome back old friend.

This was an interesting sunday for me. I have been dealing with many things with God lately and came into the service with high expectations for God. I started worship and it was like playing in pudding. It was thick and sluggish. It felt like nobody wanted to be there. I just wanted to walk off and chalk it up to an off week.

During offering I planned to do From the Inside out. I was sitting at the sound board praying and I decided to play Healer instead. This is a song nobody including those in the band did not know.

At this point I had expectation that God would meet me where I was and really just put aside everything else. It was like just He and I were in the room together.

I played it and my heart broke. More on that later. (teaser)


In Christ Alone – hymn

Be Glorified – by me
Bless His Name – Tony Sanchez
How He Loves – John M. Jesus Culture style
Majesty – Martin Smith

Once Again – Matt Redman
Above all Else – Vicky Beeching

You Never Let Go – Matt Redman


6 responses to “Set List: July 27th 2008”

  1. erik Avatar

    okay…i am a lurker. i added your blog to my RSS reader a while ago and have been following your posts for a few months. but i’ve never said anything until now. our musical styles are similar and God speaks to us through the same music. “Healer” rocked my world this week when you shared that song with us. I shared it with my worship team as well and am itching to play it myself. i’d love to hear the rest of your story about this tune. 😉

  2. klampert Avatar

    Erik..thanks for stopping by man…awesome that a lurker has come out of the shadows.
    and you shall hear the rest of the story. 🙂

  3. Billy Chia Avatar

    Back in the set list game – rock on man.

  4. Gary Durbin Avatar

    “You Never Let Go” has really struck a deep chord with our church. Great song.

  5. mandythompson Avatar

    i’m hoping to sing healer as special music on sunday…. but i don’t know if i can make it through!

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