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A little while back I introduced on here the new song from Hillsong called “Healer”. First off I want to let you know a review of that whole CD will be on The Worship Community soon.

That aside Integrity has put up a new site revolving around that song and it’s story. On there you can post prayer requests and praise reports. Go check it out.

He is our Healer



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3 responses to “Healer Website”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    We are finally doing this song next Friday night for a worship night at church. I can’t wait. It will be a moment, I’m sure.

  2. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    Wow, man, that is COOL.

  3. Arthur Terrance Avatar

    I was so moved by this song “Healer” by Hillsong that I have been witnessing to every friend, family member, and fellow believer about the Power of God that is available to heal all of us in the midst of Worship and Praise. I am looking forward to teaching this song to our praise team in Laredo, Texas. I am a Senior at Southwestern Assemblies of God in Waxahachie, Texas. However, I will be finishing my last Semester through Distance Learning in order to be a blessing to the local cjhurch and Body of Christ in Laredo.

    A. Terrance

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