Red Letters



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  1. Darren Avatar

    Loved it until about 3:15, when it descended downhill into chaos.

  2. Tyler Avatar

    darren you must not have heard the original by dc talk. this was really phenomenal. i never thought it was wise to take on a dc talk song, but they did pretty good.

    where is this from?

  3. lori Avatar

    I really like this. Such a powerful song…

  4. Jay Sellers Avatar

    Brilliant singing. Why do they have their hands like that? No movement until 2:09. It’s like they were avoiding the Talledega Nights thing with their arms.

    @Darren, I loved it especially at about 3:15, when it descended downhill into chaos. We need more chaos in worship music. It’s like chamber music. Those oldskool monks were whack.

    Seriously though, as a fan of DC Talk since the very lame days, these guys did this song justice. My hat is off to those two for leading a song that puts art on display and doesn’t bring the suck. They could have SO messed that song up. I would feel honored if I had written it. Good stuff.

  5. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    hey man – who/where is this from?

  6. Jon Lloyd Avatar

    We need a dc talk reunion.

  7. klampert Avatar

    fred and people…this is granger church…
    And personally I like a little chaos 🙂

  8. worshipcity Avatar

    Wow, I was thinking thank goodness for the 3:15 chaos. Surprised ya’ll didn’t like that. It totally makes the song. I agree though, the hands behind the back thing make me think they didn’t potty before heading up there 🙂

    Great execution. Wow that’s an incredible song and an incredible song to sing!

  9. Mandy Avatar

    I was scrolling through your blog and saw this vid. I love it when GCC reaches outside our small town to touch others.

    It was amazing in person..

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