Hillsong: This is our God – Healer

Release date for the new Hillsong CD “This is Our God” is Aug 5th. I received a pre-release and I am listening to it now. Expect a review on the up and coming new version www.theworshipcommunity.com very soon.

On the CD is a song called healer. Here is some video for it and explanation. Enjoy.

We come together and we say, “This is who we are, God. We need
You, we love You, and we’re going to give everything to You.
It’s actually about the church coming together and singing with One Voice, One Passion, One Heart, giving all our praise to God” Said Joel Houston.

It was a night of unified faith and expectancy, with moments all will never forget such as when Michael Gugliemucci, who has battled his own health crisis against cancer for two years, walked confidently on stage, oxygen tank in hand, declaring the promise of God and boldly
Singing the words to his song ‘Healer’.




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  1. Matthew Avatar


  2. Alastair Vance Avatar

    How’d you get a pre-release dude…? We’ve been doing this song in church for a while (Planetshakers). It’s a brilliant song.

  3. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    The new v2 of theworshipcommunity.com? That sounds exciting!

  4. Joe Louthan Avatar

    Through darkness and despair, we don’t worship our God because we want to live in this fantasyland so that we choose to ignore reality.

    We worship because I don’t know how else to love my God. I don’t know what else to do. We worship because He is God. He is good. He is awesome. He is our all. He is awesome.

    I have heard Isaiah 53 read 3 times this weekend. That is confirmed: I am getting that tattooed on my back.

  5. brandon gillies Avatar
    brandon gillies

    here is the link to hillsong playing healer.
    check out the drummers moustache


  6. Lori Avatar

    i loved his mustache

  7. Gary Avatar

    It is so sad to hear that the writer never had cancer and he made the whole story up. To know that this song was written with deception at the heart of it is really, truly troubling. God has been glorified through it (He can do anything) but I would just have a hard time leading this song now.

  8. klampert Avatar

    Gary thats a tough call and a personal one of course, but God can create even through broken vessels. David’s psalms are a great example of this.

  9. kevsings Avatar

    wow…..disappointing, indeed. But….I took some time to find out more info on this…false testimony…and yes….this man may have falsified his true illness, but still….he has been suffering from an illness, that if truth be known, MANY men struggle with and suffer with, and probably MORE so, if they are within the church and understand what it means to have a relationship with Christ and the battle of the mind and heart they fight. He may not have cancer, but his song ‘Healer’ was his cry to our Lord for deliverance and complete healing from this disease. Meaning is still the same.

    This song is ‘still’, in my opinion, a powerful testimony and cry of the heart to our Lord that He IS our healer, no MATTER WHAT kind of disease or illness we are battling.

    It’s so true…..when Christ himself said, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”….certainly not I! I battle my own personal demons daily, and know that only by the Grace of God have I been able to keep from falling into my own pit of destruction because of past wrong choices. Our righteousness is not gained by our own ‘do good’ ways, but by the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. HE is my righteousness!

    My heart goes out to this man, for the mere fact that God has finally shaken him to his knees of repentance and to confess this to…the world….brings a whole new meaning to ‘confessing our sins, one to another’.

    The impact of this song should not and will not, in my opinion, be diminished. God is working to heal this man now…and I pray, from this cleansing, God will reveal Himself in even a mightier way through the gift He has given this man to write such words that Glorify His name. Amen?

    Coming to repentance can be extremely painful I know, mine involved breaking my neck.
    That testimony may be a different approach to coming to repentance, but….I knew what God was doing through that and the humility and shame that came flooding out of me as I lay in that hospital bed….not knowing whether I would ever be able to walk again…..well……it was an amazing moment for me and God’s sweet loving Spirit. The cleansing that came was sooo worth it all. And…by the way, I am healed and walking. He’s the God of second chances…and third..and fourth…etc..tce….there is no end to His grace and forgiveness.

    This situation brings a perfect opportunity for the ‘church family’ to truly love this man through his grief and shame. It’s also a perfect opportunity for the Church to take a new perspective on how many people, in our own church and world, could be hurting…..privately…..and feeling like….the song says…..’one in a million faces’. (Kutless…Sea of Faces)

    It just makes me want to be more tender to people….not just in the church…but all around me….every day. You never know what someone is going through…..they may just need a pat on the back and someone to give them some genuine love. Just to feel like someone does care about them. God help me be tender to that and those moments.

    I pray for you Mike G. That God will raise you up from this as an incredible testimony of ‘true’ healing and the grace that God gives, even beyond ourselves and the lies we can live. To give you ‘another’ song, and continue to develope the gift of writting He has given you to minister to HIM and to the world.

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