Pray for My blogging Friends

There are a bunch of people I talk with in blog world who need prayer. Some have been mentioned before but I need you to lift them up again.

Stef – Diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I have his family’s picture on my fridge and pray for them all the time. He is in the hospital right now.

Wade – Worship leader at Elevation church. I don’t know him but I do read his blog and his newborn twins are really sick right now.

Alex – a blog buddy who’s daughter is going through a difficult leg injury and they are moving through a ime of great uncertanty with other “life” things.

James – My friend has been through a ton lately. Mom passed away, dad had a stroke and wife got in a car accident.

Lori – Dealing with a difficult adoption and some major personal issues.

Let me know if you got them covered!


4 responses to “Pray for My blogging Friends”

  1. lori Avatar

    As I lift them in prayer, I thank you for thinking of me. I’m touched…blessed to have such a friend and brother in Christ.

  2. tam Avatar


    and Lord bless you joel!

  3. alex Avatar

    on board and in prayer – thank you!

  4. Stef Avatar

    Hey, Joel. Thanks for the post. I am at home now and am just getting back to the laptop. Thanks, again, my friend for the prayer support!

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